There is virtually something of interest for everyone to experience in Lancaster, so if indoor activities enthrall your needs there are many things waiting to explore.  Outdoor enthusiasts will be amazed by the many activities that they can examine too.  The tourist industry is booming in Lancaster and the Amish are the main attraction.  In this article you will learn about the vast array of things to do in and places to visit Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  

The city is a cornucopia of cultures, events, history and just plain fun things to do so for some great ideas begin your journey with a stop at the Visitors Center.  The center is located on Greenfield Road right off route 30.  Various pamphlets can be gathered to fit whatever your itinerary demands and there are workers behind the counter who will suggest ideas pertaining to areas of interest.  While you are at the Visitors Center I want to suggest taking a picture of the authentic Amish buggy that is located in the parking area.  The horse and buggy is the main means of transportation for the Amish people because their religion prohibits them from using motorized vehicles.  You will soon find that the saying you have a friend in Pennsylvania holds true in the city of Lancaster.

Please do not try to take photographs of the Amish people because their religious beliefs do not allow them to have their pictures taken so please do your best to honor this when visiting the area.  


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Whether you are a nature enthusiast or history buff the Lancaster County Central Park has many places to tour.  There are attractions in this park to pique everyone's interest.  You can picnic in one of the many pavilions and after dining you can hike along one of the many trails meandering through the park.  If you're a nature lover the park houses many opportunities that include wildflowers, birds, and wildlife.  Are you having trouble identifying what you just viewed?  The park has naturalists along with a staffed library who will help to identify your find.  For the children there is the Garden of Five Senses which is located just inside the park's entrance.  It is both fun and educational for everyone and it teaches you to identify different plants or animals by using all five of the senses.  Mountain bicycles riders have their own designated trails in the park with overnight camping being an option too.. 


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An environmental center conducting nature programs is located at one end of the park with interesting programs geared for children of all ages.  There are four other parks within a short drive of the city that all have planned activities too.  There is a moderate fee charged for participation in each program and the fee is reasonably priced at the $1.00 to $2.00 range.


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Historical locations of interest abound everywhere throughout the city and Lancaster's County Park has it's share of these places.  Rock Ford Plantation is the home of Edward Hand who was born December 31, 1744 and died on September 3, 1802.  He was a general and a physician serving under General George Washington. There is a middle school named after Edward Hand that is over 100 years old and ironically enough it is located next to an elementary school named George Washington. 


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Wheatland is the home of James Buchanan and is located along Marietta Avenue in the western part of Lancaster.  Buchanan is the only person from Pennsylvania who served as President of the United States.  

There are many different types of architecture displayed throughout the city that you can view. During the summer months the historical society provides walking tours designed to teach participants about the rich history of Lancaster.


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Just wait a minute you say, my interests aren't in any of the things that you just described.  Don't despair there are even more attractions Lancaster has to offer that may interest you.  There are two huge amusement parks for a day of fun and adventure awaiting.  One is Dutch Wonderland and that is located along the Lincoln Highway just west of the city.  Hershey Park is another large and very well known amusement park located in the town of Hershey which is only a 30 minute drive from Lancaster.  

Many tours are given of the various industries located throughout Lancaster County with many of these industries producing various kinds of snack foods.


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There are tours of Amish farms that are located throughout the area and they seem to take you back in time when things were not as complicated.  You can learn about some ghostly encounters that have been experienced in the area by taking a ghost tour in the town of Strasburg.  If you are a baseball fan there is a Continental League team called the Barnstormers which has a few players that played in the major league.  Golf is your passion you say, well there are 3 championship golf courses waiting for you so go ahead and tee off.

Bed and Breakfast homes are plentiful and they offer the visitor a comfortable stay at a reasonable price.  Many hotels are in the Lancaster area offer all the standard amenities to make your stay more enjoyable. 

Lancaster has something for the shopaholic with two major outlet stores in the city.  One being Rockvale Square which is located on Lincoln Highway East.  The other is Park City which is located on the Harrisburg Pike and as the name implies is large enough to be a city.

The performing arts have their place in Lancaster too.  There is the Dutch Apple Dinner Theater located on Centerville Road along route 30 which provides plays that are comedies.  These are written and performed by local people who do a fantastic job.


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There are three other popular performing arts theaters in Lancaster with one being  Sight and Sound which is located on the Lincoln Highway and performs stories from the Bible. Then there is the American Music Theater that has top name musicians performing and finally there is the Fulton Opera House that is located in the center of the city.  This theater is the oldest live performing arts theater in Lancaster and has rich historical value.

A short distance south of the city is Buck Motor Sports and there they have monster trucks, tractor pulls and demolition derbies.  Saturday nights many people in Lancaster make the claim, "see you at the Buck."

Bowling is a sport that has declined somewhat in recent years but it is still popular enough to justify having two bowling alleys in Lancaster.  Rocky Springs and Leisure Lanes are the names of those two bowling alleys and as you can see Leisure Lanes has a miniature golf course on it's premises too.

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If the allure of thoroughbred horse racing interests you Off Track Wagering is a place you will want to visit.  This is located in the East Town Mall and you do not have to wager on the horses.


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Whether you are planning a business trip, visiting friends in the area or just searching for a vacation destination there are numerous attractions in Lancaster, Penna. to visit.  Diversity is probably a good word to use when describing all the places to visit in Lancaster.  So if you are between 2 and 102 you can find plenty to keep you occupied there.  The area is easily accessible and the people are very friendly, so come and share the experience Lancaster has to offer.