Monells at the Manor is a perfect place for people looking for authentic southern cuisine in the Nashville area. This is a very popular restaurant recommended highly by the locals. When I first moved into the area I was promptly told by several coworkers that I had to try Monells at the Manor. This establishment boasts down home southern cooking at affordable prices. All meals are  served family style.


Monells has a few quirks. First, they don't allow cell phones at the table. This might seem weird at first, but they claim it is a disturbance to other patrons. That is certainly understandable. It also comes off as something that your grandma would request rather than a hard nosed manager. Second, they will fill your table with a strangers. Their slogan is come as strangers leave as friends. This can be a little weird for people expecting to dine at their own table. Third, they are very strict on their passing rules. All food is passed to the left. Again this comes off as something you would do at grandmas and doesn't seem overly weird once the food arrives.


Reasons why you should visit Monells

Monells is worth the stop for the food. Where else can you find an all you can eat assortment of southern favorites brought right to your table? The fried chicken is served at every meal and for good reason. It is skillet fried, the way chicken should be, and has an amazing crunch. If you polish off a bowl of anything the servers will quickly replenish your stock. 


 You get to enjoy your authentic southern cuisine in an old school southern mansion. Meals are eaten on the main floor, and they let you wander around upstairs once your meal is complete, that is if you are still able to move. The surroundings really allowed me to get into the meal.


Reasons to pass on Monells

This restaurant can get kind of hot in the summer, and the front door closes slowly which means flies get in quickly. We had a few buzzing around our table. This is also not the place to come while on a diet. It is authentic southern food which means it was cooked with copious amounts if lard and butter. That is why it is so good. Management can also be a little awkward at times especially when declaring their rules.


If you have a layover in the Nashville area it is literally a stones throw from the airport. It will make you feel like you stepped back into grandma's kitchen. It is definitely worth the stop.


Monells est fried chicken