To make the most out of it and save you from boredom

Rainy season has finally arrived and has brought the bed weather along with it. These days, I find myself spending more and more time indoors, usually asleep, and consequently less productive, letting life just pass by. While this habit can be quite relaxing, after awhile it just gets plain irritating as the boredom sets in along with the nagging thought of gradually transforming into a certified couch potato. After days of downpours, I've finally reached the breaking point and have decided to take control of the effects before going completely crazy in the gloom of the atmosphere and under my sheets. Now, we all know it isn't easy to be productive in this sort of environment, which is why I've made certain that the activities listed below aren't only enjoyable and productive, but highly complementary to the mood as well.

 1. Read a book

This is the perfect activity for a rainy day - when the whole world seems to have slowed down and given you a chance to open that book you've been wanting to read for so long but never found the time to due to sunny-day chores and commitments. Now is the perfect time to slow down, curl up in bed with a good book, and spend hours traveling the world or going on an adventure elsewhere while listening to the calming patter of raindrops.

 2. Learn a new language

Things are quieter when it rains and distractions are minimal. This is the optimal setting for you to start learning that language you've always wanted to speak. Do so in the comfort of your bed, put on those headphones, and with every new word you learn of that foreign language, imagine yourself in that country on a bright, sunny day, speaking like a true local.

3. Exercise

Who said rainy days have to be slow? Take advantage of the cool weather and slot in a time to workout! If you'd like to maintain the peaceful silence and relaxing atmosphere, do some yoga. Otherwise, for an upbeat session you'll need to prep an energizing playlist (I recommend hip hop / club music) and perhaps have a nice cup of coffee before sweating it out.

4. Connect

Hardly anyone is busy when it rains, and would welcome a break from the silence and sound of raindrops. Use this time to connect with those you haven't spoken to or seen in awhile.

5. Reflect

This type of weather tends to put people in a pensive mood, which is ideal for sitting quietly and reflecting on your life. Are you where you wanted to be five years ago? Where do you want to be a year from now? Anything you need to change? This is a good time to reflect and recalibrate your goals. Write your thoughts down and revisit on the next rainy day!

There you have it. I've personally made these activities part of my rainy day routine and as a result, have never let a gloomy day put me down any longer. What's great is that all these projects (and more) can be accomplished in a single day in the comfort of your home, have a huge positive impact on your lifestyle, and ensure that you don't end up wasting a day under the sheets. Try them out!