my five year Christmas card bookletChristmas is a really busy time for everyone. One way or another especially if you have children you will be rushing around trying to do everything at once. Between running the kids around, and shopping for a great gift to please that special man or woman in your life you will not have a moment to spare. Although before you can do any of those mundane jobs you have to make a list and start sending out all the Christmas cards.

Before sending those out, have you got a book to record the names of who you will send them to and tick them off when they send one back. I made my own five year Christmas card book, and added a page for their email addresses so that if they are on the net I would send them an internet card. That beats all that extra postage.

It's a never ending process. Do you decide after sending Aunt Mary one each year and never getting one back, are you going to send on next year. Family is family, but where do you draw the line. As a rule if they do not send one to me then I save my money next year and leave them of the list.

Okay so you have posted all the cards away, and now the postman is delivering some Christmas cards to you. Where are you going to put them all?

How many times have you stood them on top of the cupboards? Yes they look great, then someone opens the door and a gust of winds whips them all over the place and you spend the next few weeks picking them up. That's no way to spend your time. There are nicer ways to show off your collection of cards and a more decorative display to enhance your house this Christmas.

Here are a few suggestions:

Simple way to show them off - look around and pick out a window with a large curtained display area. Now put a pin in the corner of the card and pin it to the lace curtain. Continue in the same way with the next card and space them out, vary the colors so as to make a good display of them.

Make a card Christmas tree – Take a branch off a tree, Paint it either silver or gold, you could spray a few leaves as well. Stand this in a bucket of sand and cover base with Christmas paper. Now with small pieces of ribbon punch a hole in the top corner of the card and thread ribbon through hole. Tie onto branches of tree. Spread them around the branches so they look like leaves on a tree.

Hang them on a ribbon across the top of a window - this is a simple and easy way to display and decorate all your windows. The only thing is that the wind could still catch them depending on the position of your windows to the door. If it's near a door simply pin them on the ribbon and no more hassles.

The best Christmas cards

It doesn't matter how much you spend on a Christmas card, I still believe the handmade ones are the best. Because you know that the person made a very special effort to make that just for you. And in my books, that beats all the bought cards for Christmas cheer.

Whatever you decide to do with your cards, remember to use some of them after Christmas to put on the front cover of the kids school books. Or you could frame some ready to decorate the house for next year.

Have a safe and very Happy Christmas and New Year