Kruger National Park safaris tend to be magical, beautiful in addition to definitely unforgettable. You can meet friendly local people, enjoy wildlife viewing and part with a knowledge of why Africa is actually dear to so many people. Luxurious accommodation options will provide you with all the comforts you're used to, even though still providing in addition to authentic and wild break. Safety is catered for since establishments employ competent and skilled rangers, and when you follow its lead, then you should have no complications at all.

Inspite of this, you can't help to think about the scary encounters with wildlife animals, or elements gone wrong during your safari. Because of this, we have established a short report on things that you won't want to hear your guide say during your safari in the Kruger National Park:

  • Stop, drop and play dead!

The simple truth is that this will actually be stop, drop, AAAARRGGHHHH! which ends in you being lunch. The must play dead shows that something is gonna attack you. With regard to American travellers, this will likely work with bears, but in Africa, lions will be thankful you saved it time and effort of having to chase you along, and then it will eventually start to ingest you.

  • WOAH! I've never seen it do that before.

In case you hear this, you are probably guided with a ranger who has no experience. If he encourages to pet the lions as well as feed the hyenas, you should definately know you are in trouble and should make an attempt to locate your spot of accommodation before sunset, in addition to feeding time will start.

  • Now he's really upset:

Obtaining a wild animal upset is stupid. Receiving one very disappointed is deadly. In case you treasure living, then you must find a closed space where you can cower in concern until you attain safety.

  • It's totally safe, unless leopards enter the area, they are good climbers... but that rarely happens.

Leopards climb... leopards kill. Being in a good open area easily accessible by these beasts will be a good idea... um... never. If you value your limbs, you can always ask to be transferred to any destination where animals usually are not waiting to feast you.


The very first thing you need to perform when hearing these kinds of words is judge the length. This will let you know how much of a chance you have of getting away. You could try and find the person of the scream if you wish to be a good guy, but then you too would scream these words before moving departing to a new existence.