The initial few months of a new courtship are beautiful, exciting… and a bit scary. You ponder what is possible, if this partner is Mr. or Mrs. Right, and if your bond will last forever. While I can't in good conscience promise you what the future has in mind for your intimate life, I can help you to decode the indicators that there is a romanctic interest in your life.

Initially, falling in love is almost like a mind-altering substance. You get a sense of euphoria or experience boundless joy. This occurrence has been likened to how you feel after eating candy or after a great exercise routine. You think about the person pretty much all the time and you want to find out their preferences in things. You wish they were around you always, and the more moments you share with that special person, the happier you are.

A facet of the initial stage of falling for someone is a heightened worry about what that special other thinks of you. You worry about their opinion of your appearance, and whether they think of you as desirable. In addition, you worry what they think of your character. You hope to be good looking, good company, and suitable to that person in every way. In return, you find them more pleasing than any competing potential partners. Minor traits about that special person, things you would not generally become aware of, suddenly seem extremely intriguing.

As the relationship turns into the future, the euphoria slowly abates. Instead, the relationship finds its way into a regular pattern, and from time to time conflicts take place. Despite how tedious that may seem, here is where you sort out the real emotions. Minor daily things and situations will remind you of that special person, linked to detailed joyful memories. You have an urge to keep your partner from being wounded, both physical and emotional. Being in love means that you feel ready to take their hurt from them and bear it yourself. You will think of their wants and needs when you debate choices. For example, you might adjust your savory special recipe to suit his taste without him asking, or volunteer to accompany her to a movie you will not like, just to see her eyes light up.

Finally, the greatest sign that you have fallen inevitably, can't-help-yourself, incredibly in love is when you can live with all of the other's quirks. You certainly can't be expected to enjoy every facet of their personality, but you are willing to take their flaws as a small part of what composes the entire wonderful person you love so much. Even when you get in a tiff with your partner, you still would not trade him or her in for a replacement person. You want to spend a larger amount of time with them instead of anyone else, and you feel like the best possible version of yourself when you meet. Holy Cow! It must be love!