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     There is a great quote by Rene Descartes “As I think I am.”  Whatever you believe about whom and what you are is exactly what you will become.  While reading the following suggestions, keep that in mind.

     Have you ever taken the time to really look at yourself?  Imagining the perfect body for you is the first step. I would like for you to take a moment before continuing along in this article and really look at yourself.  Take off all of your clothes and really study who you are.  I know for some people this can be a scary thing.  We don’t always like to face who and what we really are.  This will be the beginning of thinking your body fit.

     Look at every inch of your body and write down the parts that you would like to improve.  Be very detailed about what you would like to see; and experience the excitement and happiness you would feel as you reach this goal.  Forget about any past diet and exercise mistakes and concentrate fully on the “Now.”   Start by telling yourself that your willpower is strong.  Continue by telling yourself that your body looks amazing and you are at the exact weight that you desire to be. 

      Now, you need to be very specific and put faith in your words and your mind.  For example, I weigh 125lbs and I have beautiful six pack abs.  My waist is slim and my legs look phenomenal.  Next, find a picture of a woman that fits that description or find an old picture of you when you looked like your perfect woman and put it somewhere that you can see it daily. 

        Next, go out and buy that outfit that you know your new body is going to look great in.  Buy it in the size that you want to be.  Don’t worry about your current body weight it is of no consequence.  Hang the outfit up somewhere that it can be seen daily and imagine yourself wearing it.  Tell yourself how great you look in the outfit and think about the compliments you are going to get when you step out in it.  Remember, whatever you plant in the mind will come to fruition so start right now by believing that you are as fit as you want to be.  The rest of it is easy.  Just those few steps put you halfway there.

       A major part of who we are is what we think about ourselves.  If you believe that you will spend your entire life obese you are correct.  If you believe that at 40+ you can look and feel great then you are correct as well.  Start today by making an affirmation that you are going to have the body that others only dream about and that starting today you are going to be moving in that direction.  Remember, what you believe you receive.