I've always wanted to write a summary on Think and Grow Rich as I took so much out of the book and having just re-read it now it I'm convinced you probably get maximum benefit from reading the book the second or third time around. If you don't have time for that then your in luck as I've taken the time to summarize it as best as I can.

Think and Grow Rich is really a reminder that one of the only ways to achieve financial success is to understand that more often than not our emotions and our mindset are what keep us from achieving the success we desire, and that it's our duty to set goals and implement plans to overcome them.

My favourite example of the above mindset limitation occurring in the world is people who win the lotto and how over 90% of them are back in a similar financial state, if not worse within two years. The subconscious mind is a powerful force and will work to move you in the direction of your dominating thoughts. If you were ingrained with the idea that rich people are evil, then if you are to find success you may quietly sabotage yourself to ensure you return to were your values and mindset are in alignment with your subconscious.

Hence why the below six practical steps which Napoleon Hill outlined in the book are so important to transform desire into reality.

1. Fix in your mind an exact picture of what you desire. It’s not sufficient merely to say, for example, “I want plenty of money.” Be definite as to the amount as if you simply say ‘more’ as you could earn an extra $10 that week and technically have achieved your goal (through not improved your life.)   

Personally for me this is picturing $5,000 in my bank account per month via passive sources so I can quit my job and choose what I wish to do with my day be it travel, learning a new language or skill.(I’m a huge fan of Tim Ferriss’s ‘New Rich’ concept and this mini retirements.)

2. Determine exactly what you intend to give in return for the thing you desire. There’s no such reality as something for nothing. 

Putting out articles on my blog as to my experiences with what’s working in my life to achieve passive income and the freedom I desire from my current 9-5 job. Which for the record I do enjoy but can simply not imagine sitting at a desk working for someone else for the next 35 years until retirement. I also thoroughly enjoy writing and publishing on Amazon and generally just exploring different means of making a living off the internet.  

3. Establish a definite date by which you intend to possess the desired thing. 

December 2015 for me (Tell lots of people to hold yourself accountable!)
4. Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you feel entirely ready or not to put this plan into action. 

For me this is implemented through splitting my life between three sectors my office job my investing and my passive income streams. 50% of my salary is invested monthly into long term investments, while all my spare time is devoted to matching my current salary dollar for dollar with passive income flows. I go about this with clear time sensitive goals and persistently investing in myself and hard work.

5. Write out a clear, concise statement of your responses to the preceding four steps. 

I am so grateful I will be earning $5,000/month by December 2015. I intend to achieve this through creating quality e-books and blog which will benefit people. I will also continue to invest in myself and learn new passive income strategies with the aim to put out more valuable content.

6. Read your written statement aloud twice daily. Once after getting up in the morning and once just before bed at night. As you read, see and feel and believe yourself already in possession of whatever your goal happens to be.

Positive reinforcement is key, read and really believe it.

Think and Grow Rich Summary of Chapters


  • What I took always from this chapter is that one should use deep desire as a goal.

  • Is there a lifestyle you want? An amount of money you want? Define that goal clearly, and then set down a specific plan to get there.

  • Your burning desire is nothing more than an accurate picture of what you will one day become should you be willing to work hard enough for it.


  • The theory behind this is for you to take to strongly believe the perception that the future holds better things for you and as a result your future has a greater likelihood of containing these things.

  • The reasoning behind this is they’re consistently on your mind and thus you will pay more attention to the factors that will make them happen.


  • This is really reinforcing your plan for success to yourself; it has a greater chance of actually coming true.

  • The reasoning is to embedding a thought deeply within yourself which consistent repetition does increases the chance that the thought will come up at the right time when you need it. Autosuggestion is described in the book as reinforcing your burning desire through repetition until your subconscious mind accepts it as fact and begins to devise ways of bringing it about.

Specialized Knowledge

  • Consistent learning is vital, whether it’s a formal education at University or more informal teaching at the hands of a mentor which can often be more valuable if they are successful in their field.

  • I believe finding a mentor is often key to working out the means to succeed in your chosen area.

  • You can avoid lot of the pit falls and fast track yourself if you find the right mentor and diligently follow their teachings and principles.

  • Realize that you must study persistently on your chosen area. Set aside a time every day to further expand your knowledge on the subject.

  • Invest in every course that is offered on your chosen area and network with people who are knowledgeable in the area.


  • “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” Napoleon Hill.  

  • The ability to take simple thoughts and convert them it into concrete plans is key.

  • Everyone has multiple ideas but to think them through and imagine the means by which they may be brought to physical being is for many one of the key tripping points on the road to success.

  • They imagine the goal, they see where they are at now, but they lack the imagination to plan the path between where they are, to where they truly desire to be.


  • Successful people have the habit of making decisions promptly and of changing them slowly, if and when they were changed.

  • When you make up your mind, make them! Stick with it do not let the influences of others distract you from your goal, you will always have the negative opinions and ‘haters’.

  • Only allow take into consideration people within your circle of confidence of which you need to select very carefully.

  • Contrary to what you may believe family and close friends while not meaning to can handicap you through uninformed opinions and ridicule.


  • Nothing worth doing in life is easy, you will get knocked down have set backs which should simply strengthen your resolve.

  • It is the lack of this quality more than any other that keeps the majority from success. As soon as the going gets tough, they quit. 

  • Think and Grow Rich refers to Abraham Lincoln multiple times as a case study of consistently over coming failures and setbacks to become president and leave important mark on history.

  • Research number of millionaire’s and you will find many of them have gone bankrupt only to come back even more successful.

Organised Planning

  • Transforming desire into reality is the formation of a definite, practical plan is vital and this chapter explores it in depth.

  • The main point I took away was to surround yourself with the best support time you can possibly find to hold you accountable and have the knowledge to assist you down the path to achieving your goals.

  • Organised planning is one the chief principles, as a person without a plan is like a ship without a course. With no end destination, ending up lost or on a deserted island is a high probability. 

Power of the Master Mind

  • This revolves around the idea of finding the smartest people in your life that you trust and bouncing ideas off them to refine and stimulate new ideas yourself.

  • You may have noticed that by discussing something with another person you suddenly get good ideas as a result of the discussion, ideas you would not have gotten without this association.

  • An example of this was the “The Vagabonds” which included Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, President Warren G Harding and Harvey Firestone. Collectively this group achieved amazing things!

The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

  • I did not take much away from this chapter apart from most are great achievements will be once we have settled down with a partner so that are energy can solely be concentrated on the burning desire.

  • It does suggest tapping into your sex drive to yourself to further success which I found rather vague and hard to implement.

The subconscious mind

  • Feed your subconscious positive enabling thoughts about your plans and goals. Work on eliminating as much negativity out of your mind as possible.

  • The best method is to hold in your conscious mind as often as possible a clear picture of yourself already having accomplished your goal. Know what you want. Define it clearly, and then project it clearly in your mind.

  • To key times to read your mind positive clear images of your success are just before bed and first thing when you wake up in the morning.

  • You’re likely to be surprised with just what your subconscious can produce randomly when you consistently feed it quality positive images.

The Brain

  • This Chapter refers to the scope of what are brains are capable of if we were to simply engage it to its full potential.

  • All the amazing technology we have today was born from the small grey mass each of us carry but few utilize.

The Sixth Sense

  • This simply refers to mediating, quietly siting concentrating on your breathing and emptying your mind to enable thoughts to come to you.

  • A number of successful people are known to mediate consistently every morning, and is something I have recently taken up a with the information age we live in taking time to clear our mind. It's often when I’ve had some of my best thoughts lately.


Really take from Think and Grow Rich what you will; it is by no means a get rich quick scheme.

  • I would urge to set aside some time to write down some specific goals as per the first 6 steps to get the ball rolling as it will be difficult to achieve what you want in life if you don’t know what that is!
  • Surround yourself with the best people you can possibly find in your field and if you can’t find anyone then simply pour more time into reading about your field, listening to podcasts on it reading blogs, etc.
  • Take action! Take measurable steps reading is not progress; imagining is not progress continual action is progress.
  • Expect failures they are part of the course and use them to bounce back stronger each time.
  • Have faith and know that persistent hard work and self-development will eventually get you to your goals.