I can't do this, too big a risk, it won't work blah, blah, blah

These are the mantras of the unsuccessful and demonstrate a poverty mindset. This mindset means you expect the worst and do not take the chances required to achieve your goals. The poverty mindset has likely been installed in you by who ever raised you, for example the majority of us have been raised by parents who work a 9-5 job and have no real passion outside paying the bills. To an extent this is commendable after all it allowed them to raise you, however it also means is that you probably inherited their lack of get up and go and so subconsciously have unambitious decision making skills. Compare this to someone who is the son/daughter of a successful businessman or sportsman and you will notice some stark differences. The sons and daughters of successful people tend to have a successful mind set and are therefore not afraid of failure, they are willing to take the risks and actions required achieve their life goals. Yes they do have money to fall back on but it is there expectation of success that is the most import factor.

My friend X

My friend is from a wealthy family…I am from a normal family…I noticed differences between my friend X and I. These differences were made more obvious because I didn't meet my friend X until I went to University; this meant that we had been living in different worlds for around 1/5 of a century. Some of the main differences I noticed were as follows

Location was not a barrier

I noticed that my friend X never said he couldn't do something because it was too far away, if he wanted to do it location wasn't an issue. This meant that he expanded the amount of opportunities available to him. In comparison I would see location as a valid reason not to do something and was therefore potentially missing out.

Money was not the focus but an after thought…if even that

Although it would eventually come time to pay this never seemed to be part of my friend X's decision making process. For a guy form a wealthy family he didn't spend extravagantly nor for that matter any more than myself, however whereas I would consider the price as a fundamental factor he seemed to have made his decision before he was aware of it. This meant that he went for what he wanted rather than what he could afford.

Success was expected but was also planned

Whilst I was thinking everything will be fine and workout in the end (the poverty mindset) my friend X planned his success (the rich mindset). Whereas I had unproductive summers "re-charging the batteries" he went took on internships and mapped out how this would help him with his future career, needless to say he landed his dream job and has taken me a lot longer to get on the right path.

Having successful people around you makes a difference

Iron sharpens iron and so success breeds success. My friend X was from a wealthy background because his father and grandfather were successful business men. This meant that all his life he has known that it is possible to be a self made man. Although I knew what an entrepreneur was I didn't have any within my immediate circle who was one. Therefore although I knew what a successful business man looked like I didn't know that it was possible to become one.

Rich is not $rich$

Most of this article focuses on success in business and therefore also focuses on wealth. However some of the richest people I know can't afford to buy a new pair of jeans. To an extent these people contradict the rich parent argument as they usually come from humble backgrounds. However like having successful parents may mean you are not scared of failure humble backgrounds means you have little to loose. Therefore I am going to define rich as being happy, don't measure your success by your bank balance measure it by how happy you are…it just so happens rich people are usually happy. If you are living your passion whether that be sport, art, music or business as long as you are doing what you want to be doing you are as rich as you can be.

Hard work in the wrong direction doesn’t get you far

Thinking rich doesn't just mean having a will to work hard. My grandfather was a coal miner meaning he worked his butt off everyday down a pit. He did ok for himself and his family and was relatively wealthy but was by no means rich. Hence the lesson, working hard at something that you are not passionate about will not get you very far. This has been verified by my own circumstances as I regard myself as a hard worker however no one is lining up to offer me a lucrative contract for my services, so like my grandfather a good work ethic is not enough. Work ethic is a good thing but what you really want is to do something you enjoy and spot opportunities within the field.