If you are thinking of cleaning your own windows then you are on track to save quite a bit of money, as professional windows that do a good job can be quite expensive. There is no reason why you cannot tackle your own window cleaning and here are a few tips that might help you on your way.

One way of removing excess water from a squeegee blade it to knock or tap the blade against the window rather than wiping it. This is faster and will remove excess water quicker. Remember that the squeegee rubber blade is perhaps the most important tool that you have for cleaning your windows and so it is very important to keep it in good repair by not using it to wipe window sills or any other surfaces besides the glazing. If you look after the rubber blade it will last for much longer and will also clean your windows better.

The use of a ladder is unavoidable in certain situations. If you are cleaning a conservatory roof for example, you are going to have to work from a ladder and perhaps some sort of platform, depending on the size of the roof. Lean to conservatories are not that difficult given that they have a standard sloping roof, but if you have to clean a double hipped conservatory roof you will need to use proper equipment in order to reach the inside portion of the roof safely. If you are in doubt regarding getting the job done safely, then do get in a professional.

Using a plastic holster to carry your tools around with you when you are cleaning your windows is a good idea. These holders are not too expensive to purchase and can save you a lot of legwork. If you have to get up and down from a ladder continuously in order to change squeegee heads for example, you will soon get frustrated whereas if you have the spare head with you in a holster it will save you time and effort. The holster can also carry such items as a razor blade and a spare cloth.

Cleaning your own windows can be a very satisfying and rewarding experience as long as you follow safety guidelines and never put yourself in any danger. By having the right tools with you will be able to clean your windows better and faster and you should always be careful when you are considering using ladders while you are working.