"Thinking outside the box". The proverbial phrase which has been passed down from generation to generation with a simple interpretation... to think what no one else has thought. Usually referring to the expansion of our ideology and mental capacity to a level further than its current limit, which is metaphorically illustrated by the "box". The idea of the box suggests that at our current level of thinking, we are confined to the limits of the things we know and that we must break through this limit to expand. 

Another interpretation could be that, the box is a representation to what a majority of people are already thinking (ie/ the masses or crowds). So what many people tend to do, is to start thinking of really, really big ideas when considering business ideas and brainstorming creative ideas. This happens, usually because the underlying assumption implied by the proverb is that you need to think "bigger", or outside the box, to outsmart the crowds and masses. 

But, what if, that is 'exactly' what the crowd is doing? What if the masses are, always looking to find this ever elusive extraordinary, bigger than the crowd idea? So the paradox that I see clear, is that the proverb assumes, that to make greater outcomes or generate extremely creative ideas that'll rise above the crowd, you would need to think extremely big, however, this is what the masses are already doing. So actually in essence, the act of thinking outside the box, may in fact, be to look inside the box, the place where all the masses and crowds are avoiding.

  This could very well mean, thinking more specifically, or smaller scale as opposed to searching for this one "big" idea, or even just taking a complete opposite point of view to what the crowd is thinking, which ultimately fulfills the paradox of the proverb: "to think outside the box".

Ultimately, this is a perspective or outlook which I've adopted in my life, and has in fact proven to add more perspectives into any decisions or major choices which have caused me issues. Alternatively, this outlook could help us to discover some opportunities or things which were once hidden right under our nose, help us create more valuable ideas, or just be more understanding in general.

I'm not saying that it is the decision you should make every time, I'm just trying to show how this small change in perception, has the potential to get you places when you may feel stuck sometimes in life.