The Power of Being Positive

Sometimes in the middle of the day I will catch my mind wandering off into all these things I want to do. I'm talking bucket list ideas: traveling the world, skydiving, making one million dollars in a year. You may have lofty goals just like mine that you really want to achieve, but don't know how to do it. Most people have something in mind that they want to accomplish such as standing up on a surfboard, (which I wrote an article on how to stand up for your first time at, yet they never end up completing it. There are different reasons why someone may not complete something such as not enough time, not feeling like doing it anymore, or not learning the proper education in order to achieve the goal. Despite all these different reasons that people use, they are all excuses! The number one reason why people don't complete goals or try new things is because of fear of failure.

As humans, we care about what other people think of us. You can say that you don't care what anyone thinks, but there's always someone's opinion or viewpoint that you have great respect for. Each and every one of us has wanted to do something and has stopped short because the fear of failing. Most of the time there will be excuses or "reasons", but in reality it's all about the fear of failure. Ever seen a basketball player shooting free throws with one second left with his team down by one point? Your buddy may say, "Here comes a big pressure free throw baby!" Is there really pressure? If the basketball player didn't care if he missed or made it then there would be no pressure. As my basketball coach use to always tell me,"Pressure is self-made." The fear of failing is what causes this pressure.

How can you counter this fear if everyone has it? The answer is positive thinking. I'm not declaring that every single time you use positive thinking you'll accomplish your goal or what you set out to do. Instead, I'm stating that thinking positive will provide you with a foundation to accomplish far more than you think what is currently possible. 

Here's a little exercise to open the mind to possibility. Close your eyes and think of something new that you've always wanted to try but haven't gotten around to it yet. I know this sounds foolish but really close your eyes and picture that one something that you want to do. Got it? Good. Now think of all the possible reasons why you haven't accomplished it. If you dissect the reasons they all have a common theme: they're ALL EXCUSES. Money, time, lack of knowledge, whatever it is, it's just an excuse to actually go out and do it. 

Now think back to the first time you started driving. Although you were scared and nervous because of fear of failure, you were so EXCITED that you kept on driving to get better. That's positive thinking. It's the endless enthusiasm that radiates from that smile that stretches from ear to ear. It's the positive affirmation of: I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I know I can! 

Life is over in an instant. Time flies extremely fast. Why waste life hiding when you can be out there living? Just like in the movie YES MAN! with Jim Carrey, you need to open yourself to the opportunities that surround yourself. Take this time to make a pact with yourself to say yes to the next opportunity that greets you. Whatever the situation, say yes. If you always say yes, you're life will be filled with a plethora of amazing adventures. Having a positive attitude can have a dramatic impact on the enjoyment of life. Next time you find yourself saying no to something new, do me a favor and think about how the fear of failure is self made and that you live only once and gosh darn'it I'm going to live life to the fullest!