After a cut is on someone from an accident, white blood cells are on the move to try and heal it. A scab eventually appears from this. A heart beats to keep the human body alive. No matter how complex each system of the body is, it keeps it in place and works absolutely accurate duties. The sun has the earth rotating around it perfectly. Its extraordinary flames do not begin to destroy the earth, because the sun is far away enough to not allow this to happen. Due to gravity, people are not floating in outer space.

This all originated from chance?

There are considerable points to both sides.

According to an Atheist's viewpoint, infinite possibility explains how this degree of complexity can actually occur. It's the best argument I've heard from Atheism so far. Just ponder about complete nothingness. Only nothingness. Might the possibility be infinite about perhaps anything happening, even excruciatingly complex?

But this exact consideration could just be imagiinary, merely something used to attempt to explain the Universe when the person just could not comprehend it.

The big degree of complexity that exists may be from some actual cause. In that case, the main mystery then would be about the origin(s) of this cause.

Such absolute laws run in motion within the Univese. The sun has planets revolve around it, the human body's excruciating complexity, forming of fruits and vegetablesand gravity preventing us from dangerously floating. Is the only part of us that exists the "animal side"? Consider that there actually could be "meaning". Possibly, we are all in an evolutionary process of some sort which involves our souls being on earth. Or we'll all undergo eternal unconsciousness eventually, regardless of the ways we lived. Truly, what happens in the Universe? And why?

Many people have obviously thought about, wrote about and attemppted to o research about this sort of topic. Various belief systems supposedly have the answers about it. What are the real answers? Perhaps they are closer to us than we may initially think. These are obviously things that seem worthwhile to think about, and perhaps see if you reach possibly conclusions on your own. With the many belief systems that involve these sorts of thoughts, there is a lot a person could take into account. See if you could POSSIBLY find a belief system that suits you!