The collapsible baton is quite possibly the best personal weapon available to the general public today.  Its compact size makes it easily concealable and unlike a firearm, collapsible batons hardly ever require the user to obtain a license.

There are a few important considerations to think about before purchasing a collapsible baton.  First, look at the materials used in its manufacture.  Most batons are commonly made from metal or plastic.  Think about your needs carefully before coming to a decision here.  Plastic batons are much lighter than steel, which make them easier for women to use.  On the other hand, steel batons are much more resilient to hard use.   It is important for you to realize that both types of batons deliver a nearly equal amount of striking power.

Also, be sure to learn how to use a collapsible baton before settling on a particular model.  Lighter, plastic models are often made from a series of collapsing tubes.  These will cause you no problems when your strikes are directed towards a person, but accidentally making contact with a solid object could cause permanent damage to your baton.  I recommend seeking out a baton that operates using a series of ball bearings and locking mechanisms.

Next, be sure to conduct at least a small amount of research into the baton’s manufacturer.  Collapsible batons are no different from any other product in that they can vary widely when it comes to quality.   Self-defense is not an area where you should be a cheapskate!  I recommend saving up some extra cash so that you can choose a durable product from a reputable company.   Also, be sure to look for supplemental training products such as books or DVDs.  These instructional tools can be very helpful, but only if you have the discipline to incorporate them into your training routine.  Remember, the best time to develop your skills is long before any attack actually happens!

Last, be sure to spend some time researching where you’ll purchase your first collapsible baton.  It’s possible that you have a reliable police supply store nearby, but you really shouldn’t have to look any further than the internet.  Outlets like Galls are well equipped to meet all of your law enforcement and security needs.  Your state and local laws may vary, but in most cases collapsible batons can be shipped be UPS, Fedex, or the US Postal Service. 

If you’re willing to do a little research and spend a few hours assessing your self-defense needs, you should be able to quickly find the perfect fit for your first collapsible baton.