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Joining the military can be one of the biggest decisions a young person can ever make in their lives. There are thousands of young people joining the ranks everyday to serve their country. I believe that serving your country is an honorable thing to do and every young person should aspire to be an honorable person. I remember how excited and scared I was for I was unsure of what laid ahead. I remember not being able to sleep the night before I was to leave. The ride to the MEPS center was a long and a quiet one of thoughts wondering about the future again. I still remember that day as if it was yesterday the feelings I had and the acceptance of learning that you are no longer a child but an adult is a feeling that has never left me to this day. When you are a service member or a veteran you will get the respect of people around you and along the way. I will explain the process so that you will know what to expect somewhat when you go through the process.

Joining the Military:

Once you made up your mind to join the military the very first thing you will need to do is to go to your local recruiting office. If you do not know of one you could check the yellow pages under Government section you should be able to find one near you. After you find a recruiting station go there and speak to a recruiter face to face. It is better to meet face to face so that you could see what type of person or whether or not he is telling you a lie. No offense to car salesmen but your local recruiter is not to far off. Make sure before you go there that you a have a list of questions to ask. Find out what schools you can qualify for so that when you finish A-school training you could be a rated or designated person. Always ask lots and lots of questions. Do not let them make you feel that you need to make a decision now. Take your time because once you sign that dotted line in that contract you are theirs.

Armed ServicesTaking the ASVAB exam

They will want you to take a practice exam. This so called practice exam is called an ASVAB test abbreviation for: Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery exam. This exam is a multiple choice test which is administered by the US Military Entrance Processing Command. This exam is used to determine qualification for enlistment in the United States armed forces. This also helps them figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are so that they can place you into certain vocations. You can get a ASVAB practice book by clicking on the blue ASVAB link.

The ASVAB exam will test your abilities in eight sections. Those eight sections will include:

  1. Word Knowledge
  2. Paragraph Comprehension
  3. Mathematics Knowledge
  4. Arithmetic Reasoning
  5. General Science
  6. Auto and Shop Information
  7. Mechanical Comprehension
  8. Electronics Information

The list above is how the exam is set up! What I recommend is that you study the English and especially the math sections becuase they will look at these scores. The higher the score in math the more chance you will have to qualify for the better vocations

Now remember the recruiter will only administer you a practice exam and not the real one.  The reason for the practice exam is that they want to know where you stand. And whatever weaknesses you have in the exam I suggest you study it so that you can score higher in the real exam.

Once you have decided to join and have taken the exam you will need to start an exercise regimen because in boot camp you will spend most of your time exercising. You will do a lot of running so I suggest you concentrate on that as well as pushups, sit ups, squat thrusts and leg rises. As well as other exercises to keep you in shape and build up stamina.

After you have done all of this you will be sent to boot camp there you will learn how the branch you chose works. You will learn the jargon and the history of the branch of service you chose to join. You will go to medical and get all your shots so be ready for sore arms and sore bums. You will do a lot of walking around in your underwear while you get measured for uniforms and shoes. You will get three square meals a day and you will have 10 minutes to eat it. You will go through inspections after inspection believe me it will become routine. You will do a lot of Physical Training while you are there.

Also you will need to get your mind right! Stop thinking about home and the nonsense you left behind and that includes girlfriends. You have to concentrate on what you are doing now while you are there.

After boot camp it will be a lot easier and it will feel like you are working a normal civilian job except that you will be wearing a uniform and you wont be laid off or fired.

Jet PlanesBenefits in Joining the Military:

There are many benefits in joining the military. Some of those benefits include free room and board, your own bed to sleep and three square meals a day.  As well as free medical and dental which is very important to have now a days. If you are married the military will provide housing and free medical and dental to your wife and kids. You will receive at least 30 days paid vacation time to use whenever you please and every month you will receive at least 2.5 days of vacation time allotted to the days you already have on the books. And of course you will be able to travel to places you may not have been before. Seeing different cultures around the world tend to make a person learn on how the real world works. And building self confidence in yourself because once you have self confidence you could conquer the world! And once you become a veteran you can qualify for a lot of other perks the government has for you.

Why Join the Military:

Other than everything I said join because you have a sense of adventure and you know that there is a world out there waiting for you to see. To live life the way you are supposed to live and have stories about places you been to far away. To know that you were there and experienced events that most people back in the states will never experience.

In the end though it is all up to you to make the decision! All you have to do is take the first step to your life. If this is what you want to do then I suggest that you do it but do it because you want to and not because you read it here. My reason for this article is to tell people men and women who are interested in joining or are thinking about it what to expect when you go on the road to serve your country.

And to all the men and women already in the service I wish you gods speed and may god keep you safe while you are there.


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