Are you having issues with your web host and considering changing? Don’t change web host in haste. Before you do, read this article.

Don’t cancel the host you currently have in a hurry. There are reasons to keep it open for now at least. What if you cancel, switch to your new host and something goes terribly wrong with the new host? You will be without access to your site or blog. This is a nightmare scenario that you could avoid with not cancelling the current host in a hurry.

If you have an excellent, extraordinary, “can’t get around it” reason for cancelling your current host, don’t cancel them. If you could afford to have both hosts for at least a couple of weeks, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. You can actually establish whether or not the new host is better than the existing host. You can also learn to get around with the new host and determine if they are actually better than your current web host.

If you leave the current host open you can decide if the new host has everything that you need and want for your website. When you decide to move your website, make a list of what you want for you website and verify if the new host can and does provide that to you as a customer and webmaster. Two areas where the most issues occur are with database access and scripting options for the website you own and have your business or service tied to.

In order not to lose your users or customers, let them know as early as you can. When moving to a new host there may be up to two days for all of your information to be moved from one site to another. However, remember that you don’t want to alert them to a new host and find out you have to go back to the existing host. To say you will lose followers/customers is the least of your issues if this occurs. In addition, if someone goes with your new host web address, you will more than likely send traffic their way in error.

Typically webmasters will lose some users/followers when they change the name of their domain. No way around it. If you do change to a new host you will hopefully gain new followers and customers. If you find a lot of this information scary for your website and you, you can hire someone to make the transition easier. There are professionals available for this type of service.

If you don’t feel comfortable taking the reins and moving your site, go with your instincts and hire a professional. It may be worth the money and the least amount of disruption as possible.