But only if it were as easy as that; for those that have had the pleasure of moving to another house before will know that the truth of moving is a long shot away from just packing boxes.

Before even getting the boxes just remember to spend a full saturday or sunday having a major clearout.You ought to be somewhat brutal here; any old clothes you don’t use anymore need to go, so does everything broken that's been waiting to get fixed more than a year. The storage shed and loft are hives for thrown away, unwanted and broken items.

Immediately after throwing out as much as possible, it is time to sort out the paperwork!It has a habit of gathering in draws, magazine holders and bookcases so take a day and go through it all first and throw out anything that isn’t important!

This painful practice provides two advantages; the main being that you will now be able to have a real handle on what you do and don’t need for the new home, providing you with a shopping list if needed. Even if you aren’t downsizing, the clearout will assist you to have a better idea of exactly what you need and can help a lot when it comes to unpacking!

An obvious although usually ignored rule is to avoid random boxes. One of several advantages of the clearout is that when move, every boxes’ contents should have a place to go. Ensuring that your boxes are labelled appropriately is paramount to a successful move; you don’t want your kitchen silverware ending up in the master bedroom!By labelling them you tell the removal guys the rooms the boxes need to go, thus not wasting time when it comes to unpacking!

Do not forget that you'll have to eat the evening before you leave and on the very first night you arrive in the new house. Ensure that you place everything you need to eat and drink into a box leaving it open in the kitchen.The very last thing you would like to be doing when you get to the new property is digging through boxes to find a coffee mug or dinner plate!

remember that you may need a box to put the last of the things you use the morning of the move into; toiletries, pillows, bedding, sheets etc.Most of the time removal companies will show up really early so you will need to be up, washed, dressed, fed and also have packed the last of your things before they turn up.

Finally if it is possible, try and have someone at each end; this way you're making sure that the removal team don’t make any mistakes when they arrive at the new place and that they take absolutely everything from the old house. Furthermore, they could free up space for new items to be placed in the rooms, which will help speed up the entire process.