by courtney murray rhodes

Novalash are a company with high promises. They claim their professional eyelash extensions are the healthiest on the market. Developed by physicians and cosmetic pharmacists, Novalash excel at living up to those promises.

Novalash lashes have been shown in tests to perform up to 4 times better in tests for durability, strength, pigmentation, texture and curl. No wonder the beauty industry is raving about them!

Long Lashes:

Anyone looking to grow longer lashes knows that lash serums and eyelash growth boosters can cause irritation. However, long lashes are also possible with a little help from an eyelash extender product such as permanent lash extensions from Novalash.

Novalash offer medical grade, physician grade formaldehyde free lash extensions with a patent pending adhesive formula.

Professional Eyelash Extensions:

The lash extensions are applied hair by hand, extending each individual lash, giving a totally natural look. An added boost is that the extensions give the appearance of thicker eyelashes too. Novalash lashes can last up to 2 months with proper care – the length of the regular eyelash growth cycle, although they may require some fill-ins during that time. It's good to know that the fill-ins are relatively inexpensive – around $40 a time.

Novalash extensions cost from between $100 - $300, depending on where you are. They are only applied by cosmetologists, aestheticians, permanent makeup technicians and beauticians.

Getting the lashes applied takes between 1.5 and 2.5 hours, depending on how many lashes you have and the speed of the practitioner. For the first 24 hours after application, you must be sure not to get your new lashes wet.

Thicker Eyeleashes:

But the result? Beautiful, lustrous, long eyelashes.

Once applied, the Novalash lash extensions can only be used with non-waterproof mascara, and any eye moisturizers should be used with care, as getting these close to the lashes can reduce the lifespan. However, swimming, showers and eye rubbing does not really effect the lash lifespan, meaning you can go about your day as you usually would – after all, with lashes like that, who needs waterproof mascara?

Novalash lash extensions may be a little extreme for year-round use for regular women who don't have too much time to spend on their appearance – if you're a little more high maintenance then I can see the Novalash rapidly becoming part of your beauty must-haves to get long eyelashes. For the rest of us, for special occasions Novalash are a brilliant and indulgent beauty addition.

Lash extensions aside, there seems to be an Internet battle between the big people at Novalash and their competitors, sniping at each other's claims. The truth is, some people will prefer Novalash, while others will prefer another brand. Whatever brand of eyelash extension that you choose, just be sure to find a practitioner that you trust, see some of their other client's results first and if the brand you chose does not suit you – find another - perfect lashes are a pursuit worth the effort!

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