January 21, 1977 - President Jimmy Carter Pardons Draft Dodgers

On January 21, 1977, President Jimmy Carter pardoned over 100,000 draft dodger from the Vietnam War. More of the Americans went to Canada between the 1960-1970 to avoid fighting in the war. Approximately 1000 were MIA from the armed forces.

Immediately after the war over 360,000 men were formerly accused of draft dodging. The government warned them if they returned back to the United States, they would face prosecution and jail time. President Jimmy Carter promised during his election run to pardon the draft dodgers. This pardon also allowed the majority of the men to return home. More than 50,000 decision to stay in Canada permanently.

The president came under heavy criticism from veteran groups for the pardon. Many viewed the draft dodgers as traitors and unpatriotic lawbreakers. We no longer use the draft during war time in the US. Although, the subject has come up on several occasions during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

January 21, 1954 - The Nautilus Nuclear Powered Submarine

On January 21, 1954, The United State introduced the first nuclear submarine called the Nautilus. Our First Lady Mamie Eisenhower christened the new submarine it was first launched in the Thames River in Connecticut. After the christening, the submarine remained docked for nearly a year. On January 17, 1955 the Nautilus was undocked to performer some testing.

In May 1955 the Nautilus traveled from New London to Puerto Rico. At that time it was the longest distance a submarine had traveled submerge and also achieving travel at top speeds.

The Nautilus made voyage to the west coast and to many ports in Europe. There was one attempt to travel to the North Pole. The trip was aborted due to the ocean's icy condition.

The Nautilus was the first vessel to win an award during peace time. The Nautilus did testing and many exercises in the West Indies, Mediterranean, and the Atlantic in the 1960.

After many voyages, the Nautilus was finally decommissioned in March 1980. It is converted over into a museum ship in Groton, CT. It is now part of the US Naval history. The Nautilus will always be remembered as one of the most unique vessels of it's time.

January 21, 1793 King Louis VXI of France was Executed

The royal couple Louis the XVI and Marie Antoinette were arrested and charged with treason. The royal monarchy was abolished in 1792 by the National Convention in France. The king went on trial January 20, 1793 and was executed on the very next day. On January 21, 1793 the King was put to death by the guillotine in Place de la Revolution in Paris, France. Marie Antoinette was beheaded the same year on October 16, 1793.