This Fatboy will Run and RunMention the name “Fatboy” and most people will probably think instinctively of the hugely successful 2007 British film comedy Run Fatboy Run. It was after all a big box office smash.

In the film the lead character is about to marry his pregnant girlfriend when all of a sudden he gets a touch of the jitters and runs away, leaving her at the proverbial aisle. But he regrets his hasty actions after learning that she has found herself a new love interest, who plans to run in the Marathon in London. So, to impress both her and his now five-year-old son, he decides that he too will contest the event. But he is out of condition and in need of some serious coaching.

As he prepares for the big day serious doubts begin to set in, and for a time it looks as though he is going to throw in the towel without even attempting the race. But a humorous romantic experience involving his son sees him advising the youngster that he should face his problems and not run away from them, before realising that that is precisely what he himself is doing.

On the day of the race some friction occurs between the lead character and his would-be wife’s new partner, and for a while he gets the blame. But his ex discovers the truth and abandons her new man, preferring instead to go out and support her old flame and to cheer him as he struggles across the finishing line.

A real heart-jerker, in other words, with everyone who really matters living happily ever after.

These Fatboys will run and run

Those who know their furniture and household equipment though may respond entirely differently when they hear the name Fatboy, associating it not with the film but with a popular and versatile product that comes in all shapes and sizes, as well as all colours and designs, and which really has captured the imagination of the market.

Fatboy beanbags are popular and much sought after, as indeed they should be when one considers they are available in every bright colour and a few dull ones, in large and small version, patterned or plain, human or dog.

The Fatboy beanbags and all their associated products are becoming ever more popular as more and more people become aware of their versatility and potential. Indeed these particular Fatboys are destined to run and run.

Different seats with a single Fatboy!