Valet Parking

So yeah! Like the tittle says, don't do it!!! but you must be wondering, why? well, here is why.
I am a Valet Parking Supervisor in a 5-star hotel in Miami beach so we get to drive some really cool cars in here but that does not stop us.
Miami Beach has a really big issue when you are dealing with parking, there is not enough to cover for everybody so yeah, that's when the valet shows up and also because Miami Beach it is full of wealthy people that do not want to go through the hassle of looking for parking spaces because that's not the rich life that they are used to live every single day.
Once people leave us their cars and they go in the hotel we will keep the car in the ramp for about 10 minutes, then we will go ahead and take them to our parking lot which is located about 12 blocks from the hotel so we have our little track course to race these cars, we will go fast on the cars but we will even go crazy fast on these if we are on our rush time because we have to do this job in a fast manner of time and how do you achieve this, well, by driving fast and that is relatively unsafe for us and for the others and at the same time we are pushing the car to it's limits no mattering what kind of car is the one being driven by the valet attendant. By doing these we have saved up a lot of time, but at the same time we may crash the car and if we can hide these from you, we'll do it so at the moment you receive your car and leave the property then you are DOOMED!!! because if you noticed the car damage a block away from the property we will issue you an incident report which will give you fake expectations because at the moment you left the property, we do not assume responsibility anymore so make sure of checking your car before you leave the property!!!!! this is very important!!!!

Another thing that you also have to expect when you valet your cars is that we may leave them a little bit dirty and that's on the INTERIOR of the car, not the exterior!!! If your car is the "lucky" one, we will use it as a shuttle so you will have the whole valet crew with their dirty shoes on your car and we could also drive it up to 5 miles, meaning several trips back and forth to the hotel so we will waste your gas too so beware!

I completely recommend NOT to leave your car with valet but if there's not other choice be sure to check everything in you car before you give the keys to the valet and make sure you do this in front of the valet attendant so he will know that you're very cautious about your car and you do not tolerate any of that stuff so we, the valet, will actually be careful with your car.