When people think about Thomas Kinkade collectibles, they often think about the wonderful items that are designed for the Christmas season. There is no doubt that these are lovely and would add wonderfully to any decorating that you would do. However, you can start adding this wonder to your decorating earlier in the year with some Thomas Kinkade Thanksgiving collectibles.


These items make great hostess gifts. It seems everyone brings a bottle of wine to the house that they are visiting this time of year. Why not change it up and bring them a lovely piece of decor that they can use from year to year?


This is what these Thomas Kinkade Thanksgiving items are all about. Being able to be placed out and be enjoyed every year during this amazing fall holiday is what it is all about. There is an amazing selection of these collectibles on Amazon for easy ordering now.

Thomas Kinkade Thanksgiving Platter
Credit: Amazon

Thomas Kinkade Grateful Hearts Gather Here Thanksgiving Platter

These great piece shows off some of the artwork that this artist is most known for, his wonderful village scenes. The border surrounding the image include a great homage to the fall harvest. These are upraised and in great autumn colors that will go well with other decor. The piece that ties this all together is the phrase, Grateful Hearts Gather Here, on the bottom of the plate.

Thomas Kinkade Angel Figurine for Thanksgiving
Credit: Amazon

Thomas Kinkade Thanksgiving Figurine

This is a great piece of decor for collector of angel statues as well as those that are just looking to add to their Thanksgiving decorations. The angel is holding the many splendor of a wonderful harvest in her hand. The scene on the robes of this figurine depicts a mountain chapel. It also has the phrase, Come Lord be our guest and let your gifts to us be blessed.


The golden hues that are used through the wings and the robes work well with other Thanksgiving decorations that you might have. This angel glows from within. Yes, you read that right! This figurine does light up.  This piece would work well on a mantel or a table so that your friends and family can get close and see the great detail in it.

Cornucopia Centerpiece
Credit: Amazon

Thomas Kinkade Thanksgiving Centerpiece

The wonder of the fall harvest and the joy that it brings is captured in this beautiful cornucopia. Inside are all sorts of wondrous fruits and nuts. Each piece of fruit has inscribed on it some of the many things that we can all be thankful for this time of year.


This would be a grand addition to any table decor that you would set out. The colors and creativity are inspiring and will have all of your guests talking.


There are many great Thomas Kinkade collectibles that you can purchase to add to the decor of your house. These Thanksgiving decor pieces are some that many people will not think to look at and purchase. So order yours today and make sure that you pick one up for your friends this season as well.


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