Consider These Thomas the Tank Engine Plug and Play Games for TV

Are you on the lookout for some Thomas the Tank Engine plug and play games for TV?  Over the last several years, there have been many video games designed for young children in which the console is programmed with the game.  Once the console is plugged into the television, the game pops up on the screen.  It is a simpler version of a console like the XBox or Playstation. 

Many of these plug and play games feature characters from popular children's television shows.  For example, Leap Frog produced the Zippity High Energy Learning System.  Featuring Disney characters, young children can interactively play games with Handy Manny, the Little Einstein characters, the Winnie the Pooh characters, and the characters from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

There are many different types of Thomas the Tank Engine games.  You can find card games, board games, and online games.  All of those help build new skills in developing young minds.  Plug and play games build hand-coordination and critical thinking skills.  If you are looking for Thomas the Train plug and play games, consider these two options.

Jakks Thomas the Tank Engine TV Game

Thomas the Tank Engine Games Plug and Play Jakks TV GameThe Jakks Thomas the Tank Engine TV Game lets the user play as Thomas the Train as he delivers freight cars from station to station after picking the delivery up from Cranky the Crane.  The player also helps other tank engine characters along the way and helps clear tracks so that the trains can continue to safely chug down the track.  Like with other plug and play games, this one simply plugs into the A/C jacks on the television.  No other console is required.  The console is built with a joystick which moves Thomas the Train around the Isle of Sodor.  4 AA batteries are required to play, but unfortunately they are not included.

Smart Cycle Software - Thomas the Train

Thomas the Tank Engine Plug and Play Games - Smart Cycle SoftwareThe Thomas the Train Smart Cycle Software game is a fun, unique and interactive way for kids to learn all about letters, phonics, spelling, numbers, counting, colors, and problem solving.  Kids can hop on the bicycle, pedal, and then have the opportunity to play with Thomas the Tank Engine and Sir Topham Hatt as steam down the tracks, inspect work sites, check the steam engines and check on the Troublesome Trucks.  There are three game modes with which to play, including driving, learning arcade games, and racing.

Thomas the Train is not the only game that can be used with the Smart Cycle Software.  Also available are games featuring the characters of Cars, Madagascar, and Scooby-Doo

Where to Find Thomas the Train Plug and Play Games for TV

Big stores such as Toys 'R Us, Target, and Walmart carry plug and play games, including games featuring Thomas the Tank Engine.  However, it might be easier and more convenient to look online at places like Amazon and eBay.  At eBay you might be able to find a used game that is still in good condition.  Sometimes kids get these as gifts and end up not playing with them as much, which leads their parents to sell used games without much wear and tear.

Good luck in your search for fun and interactive Thomas the Tank Engine plug and play games for TV.