We all wonder what is going through an employers head when they are looking at your for hire, here is some insight.

We all walk into a job interview hoping that we get the job of course, but we also rack our brains trying to keep from messing up!! Truth is, the person interviewing you isn't expecting you to be perfect, they are expecting you to be honest and intelligent! Here is some insight into what an employer wants to see

First off, they don't automatically hate you, they want to fill that position so they already like you and want you to work for them. If you are qualified and have experience, as well as a good personality, the only task at hand is trying to make them NOT hire you! Another deal breaker? Being a Jerk. Don't ask the receptionist to make you a whole new pot of coffee when the one made is perfectly fine, especially since you don't even work there. No amount of experience and qualification can make up for your rude behavior in an interview.

Second, they don't want to hear you spout out what you think they want to hear. Employers have wised up to people who just recite tired statements from what a book told them to say. Interviewers will be able to see right through you if you don't act like yourself, so just be genuine and true to how you would respond.

Thirdly, which ties into the second point, they don't expect you to be all-knowing. A potential employer may ask you a question, not because they expect you to answer it, they simply want to see how you handle it. You can either ramble on like you know what they want to hear, or you can admit you don't know and suggest ways of how you would go about finding the answer. Not knowing the answer all the time is okay, however, pretending to know is not okay.

Lastly, this employer wants to know that you want to work for them. When hiring a candidate in, they want someone that knows a little about the company, or has a specific reason for wanting to join the company. If you don't know anything about the position you are applying for or even the company itself, they interviewer can only conclude that you are after money and not success. When you express enthusiasm about the company or its products, and employer will be much more confident hiring you over someone who could care less about they have to do.

When you sit in an interview, don't carry the, "I already know I am going to screw this up." Attitude. Just be yourself, honest, and enthusiastic about the job you want!