Christmas presents (39830)

With a little creativity a thoughtful idea can turn into a very nice and useful Christmas gift. Using a little imagination you can create gifts that involve practically no cost since many of these ideas are future promises to those you want to remember at Christmas time.

Many gifts can be a gift certificate for something you will do for the other person. You can make your own gift certificates or scrolls with scrapbooking supplies and decorate with stickers, ribbons, rhinestones, buttons or pictures. Add a poem or quote to make each one special. There are many nice computer programs that make it easy to design your own gift certificates in a very professional way.

Whatever gift you chose, present it in a beautiful handmade decorated envelope or cover a cardboard box with Christmas gift wrapping paper and tie with assorted Christmas ribbons.

  • House Plants: If you have your own flourishing house plants, give rooted cuttings from your favorite plants to your family and friends. Hand paint and decorate the pots for a special touch.
  • Your Favorite Recipe: Make a dish you are well-known for and attach the recipe for a friend who has complimented you on your cooking. Find nice dishes at a thrift store or garage sales for very little cost.
  • Vacation Service: For friends and relatives that like to travel, give a certificate offering to take care of their plants, gather their mail, or take care of pets during their next vacation.
  • Free Lessons: If you have a special talent that you can teach others, give a gift certificate for a free course in cooking, baking, woodworking, mechanical work, art, music, gardening, languages, hair cutting or any other talent you can share.
  • Surpise Guest: Invite a dear friend or relative that your family hasn't seen in a long time for a surprise Christmas visit.
  • Queen or King for a Day: Surprise that special woman or man in your life with a day where she/he will be totally pampered and you will cater to their every whim.
  • Catering Service: If you are known for your cooking abilities you can offer to cater a party or special dinner for a friend.
  • Service Gift Certificate: For a neighbor, you can offer to do some gardening, wash windows, wash and vacumn their car, shovel snow, mow lawn, or any other service that is needed. Specify how many hours, days, or times you will do the task.
  • Vacation Cabin, Boat or Camper: Offer to let relatives or friends choose a week out of the year to use it as if it were their own.
  • Handmade Items: Home canned jars of jam, handmade jewelry, clothing, home decorations, artwork, baked goods or any other items that you have made are always welcomed and appreciated by friends and relatives.
  • Babysitting: Offer to babysit for date night or a special occasion for a young couple in your life.