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Your dad has loved and supported you for a significant part of your life, and now you want to show him how much you appreciate everything he had done by giving him a Fathers Day gift that is thoughtful, and something he will really love. The hard part, of course, is deciding exactly what to get him. One thing you know for sure ... he does not want another ordinary shirt, tie or sweater again this year! Once you understand this, you will be prepared to buy him something that will really please and delight him. What are some creative, fun gifts that will be perfect for your Dad?

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Photo Gifts for Men

As an alternative to the typical Fathers Day card, have you managed to take a really special photo of your Dad doing something he loves? Do you have a photo of him with his grandkids? Do you have a picture of him with that big fish he caught? How about a photo of him in his boat, downhill skiing, or playing golf? Whatever his hobby, he will secretly be delighted by a great photo of him doing something he enjoys. Once you have the photo, how are you going to present it? Of course, you could just put it in a nice wooden frame, and he will be proud to display it on his desk, either at home or the office. In fact, frames can be purchased at a very reasonable price at stores like Target, Walmart, and even most Dollar Stores. Framed photos are nice, simple homemade Fathers Day gifts that he will always appreciate.  You can also purchase unusual novelty picture frames from Amazon.

However, you may want to think of a more creative way to present your Dad with his special photo. For example, you could have it imprinted on a stainless steel travel mug or water bottle (at Or, you could have it printed on the back of a deck of playing cards, on a pencil organizer for his desk, on a charm attached to a keychain, on a coffee mug, or a sweatshirt. You could even have it printed on an apron he can wear when he's out cooking barbecue this summer. All these items are available at both and, which are both reputable companies that have a large number of photo gift items available, many of them for sale for under $25.

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Engraved Gifts for Men

You may also want to purchase something special for your Dad and have it engraved with his name, and any special event you are commemorating. For example, you could purchase a frame and have it engraved with the words "First Hole in One," "Fishing Contest Winner," or even something as heartwarming as "Best Dad Ever." One easy place to purchase everything from silver plated picture frames to beer steins is Things Remembered. They operate kiosks in malls across the country, and also have an online store at

Hobby Gifts for Men

Many men have a hobby that takes up a lot of their time, and they may really appreciate a gift that will make their hobby easier or more enjoyable. Does he enjoy woodworking? How about a new tool? Does he enjoy hiking? Would he appreciate a new pair of hiking boots? If you aren't sure what to get him, get him a gift certificate to a sporting goods store that carries items for his hobby. Better yet, give him the gift certificate with a card and a note telling him that you want to take him shopping and out to lunch. Set a specific date, not a vague "one of these days." As much as he will appreciate the gift you purchase, your dad will love the time you spend alone with him.

Gifts of Games for Dad

Does your Dad like to play computer games, video games or board games? Why not purchase him a game, especially one that has to do with his favorite hobby? For example, he might enjoy a Wii game that will allow him to practice his golf swing indoors. Or, if he loves to play games or put together puzzles with his grandkids, he might enjoy having a new edition of one of his old favorites. You could even take a copy of an old family photo and have it made into a jigsaw puzzle. is one of many online companies that will create a puzzle for you from a favorite photo. What a delightful surprise that would be for him!

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Sports Memorabilia Gifts for Men

Another gift idea for Dad is a sports memorabilia gift. Does he have a favorite team? There are many places where you could buy him a sweatshirt with the team logo, a team jersey, autographed baseballs, or framed autographed photos of his favorite sports figures. This will be a fun gift that he will admire for years. Your local sporting goods store may carry some of these items, especially if his favorite team is local. However, you can also find a wide selection of these items online at stores such as,, and

Game Tickets for Dad

If your Dad has a favorite sports team, but can't afford to go very often, why not buy a couple of tickets and go to the game with him? Your gift of time together will be as significant as the game tickets.

Whatever you decide to get your father, have fun making the selection. More than anything, he just wants to know that you remembered this day, and that you were thinking of him. Don't forget that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to please your Dad. He will love it even if you just take him to lunch! After all, he always footed the bills for your meals when you were growing up. Father's Day is a wonderful day to return the favor. It will make him so proud of the great kid he raised!

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