As far birds go, Chickens have the largest population of any species of bird. Chickens are like China in that their population is so high. In 2003 it was estimated that there were 23 billion chickens in the World. The population of China is not yet to 1 ½ billion.

The entire population of the World is estimated to be just over 7 billion. That’s over 3 chickens for every person alive on the Planet earth. Why do we have so many chickens in the world?

One of the reasons is the chickens are an easy to raise food. Humans love to eat chicken. In fact humans have been eating chickens for a long time, but we initially started breeding them for fighting. At one point in history we did not eat chickens but simply allowed them to fight.

In some areas of the Southern United States a chicken can be referred to by its’ slang name of Yard bird. There was also a band called the Yard birds that was active in the 60’s. They were not from the Southern United States but were from England. Eric Clapton got his start as a Yard bird.

Each year many people around the World color eggs for the Easter holiday. If you want to save time then you could get some eggs from an Araucana chicken. The eggs from an Araucana chicken are blue-green colored and occasionally purple. I’m just glad there is not a chicken that lays camouflage colored eggs because we would never be able to find them.

Chickens are funny animals. Not only can they run around when you chop their heads off but they can also be hypnotized. There are multiple ways chickens can be hypnotized. Go ahead and Google it because I know you probably won’t believe it. Now if we could only hypnotize a chicken to bring us a cold beer from the fridge.

The irony of eating an omelet filled with grilled chicken is not lost upon the morning breakfast crew; however most omelets fortunately are not made with chicken meat. People love omelets. If it was not for chickens we would not have omelets. There are numerous food dishes that humans have developed that use either chickens or the eggs from chickens.

Most people eat chicken; however some people prefer to eat Cornish game hens. Unknown to a lot of these people who eat Cornish game hens is that a Cornish game hen is really just a young chicken.

Regardless of whether you are planning on eating an omelet, dying Easter eggs, eating some fried chicken you probably all have your favorite chicken related food. If you don’t eat chicken you can still have some fun by hypnotizing a chicken. Unfortunately we cannot yet hypnotize a chicken to do our house chores, but we can put the videos on YouTube and make a lot of money with them. Chickens truly offer something for everybody, even if you do not eat them.

But instead of eating the chickens then you can look at them.

Here is a picture of some beautiful White Cochins from Cassell's poultry book.


Another way to enjoy chickens is to decorate your walls with chicken and farm artwork. There are thousands of posters and fine prints for sale on the Internet. It is an easy and low-cost way to decorate a child’s room. Chicken Posters sells a large collection of funny chicken posters, but also a large collection of Museum Quality Fine Art Prints showing other birds and farm animals.
A collection of different chicken posters can even tell a story. See my article: Yes, Farm Artwork and Chicken Posters Can Tell a Story!
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