Writing everyday has now become a habit. I am writing a lot of articles for other people; however when I am writing articles for other people I always get new article ideas for my own articles. Writers block is not a problem I have, but I do have a problem of lack of time for my own writing. I feel fortunate though because I am able to work from home and not have to worry about leaving the house early in the morning to head out to a factory for some crap job I hate.

I got really motivated this month when I seen a large jump in my Amazon affiliate earnings. I earned around $40.00 with Amazon, and most of that was from InfoBarrel articles. I would love to expand my Amazon earnings as I see how Amazon and other affiliate programs can be potentially much more lucrative the Adsense.

Last month in March my InfoBarrel earnings topped $200. I am stoked because I am seeing ca continual increase in my earnings. I have found a type of article that I love to write and am converting pretty well on organic search engine visitors who click on the ads.

My goals for the rest of the year is to continue writing articles for clients as well as writing more articles for my own folio here on InfoBarrel and other web properties.

A few people have questioned how much you can actually earn writing articles online. The month of April I am looking at earning $2,500 in total earnings for writing. $2,500 is my goal in total earnings this month from writing articles and marketing. This is a combination of writing for clients, Adsense, InfoBarrel, and blogs. The vast majority of it will be earned from clients who need articles.

The articles I write for myself will help to build up my residual earnings, so I will not have to write as much for other people. At this point however writing articles as become so ingrained into my daily activities that even if I was to win $500,000 on the lottery I would continue to write articles for both myself and other people. I am enjoying my work as a writer. I do not always enjoy all the topics I have to write about but overall I am really happy with how my writing career is working out.

The one thing I recommend to people who want to make money on InfoBarrel is to simply start writing articles that you are interested in. Build up your folio and make writing a daily habit. When you are ready to start getting clients for up-front pay you can set up a simple website using WordPress and then advertise it using the author’s resource box on each of your articles.

Using this method I have been able to get new clients on a regular basis to write articles for. Many of these clients are not for InfoBarrel.

I could not even tell you how many words I wrote during March. It was a lot of words and I normally track how many words I write, but I was slammed last month and when I was writing I did not count how many words I wrote or how many articles total, I simply stayed extremely busy writing.

I am striving to increase my InfoBarrel earnings, but I am focusing on up-front pay articles as my primary item this month. Up-front pay pays the bills and everything else is icing on the cake. One day I will earn a full-time income simply from my InfoBarrel earnings, but until then I am going to continue writing articles for other people who need content.

This article will be my 901st article published on InfoBarrel. I would like to continue writing on my newest Kindle Book, but I was way too busy last month writing articles.

I would like to encourage people who want to earn a living as a writer to go ahead and do so. Find your own clients will allow you to schedule your time better instead of trying to grind it out at Text Broker.

When I get up I will begin writing articles. In order for me to earn money I do not have to leave the house. For this I am grateful, but I like to mix it up some and take my laptop out to McDonald's or somewhere else with free WIFI so I can work in a different environment.

My InfoBarrel goals for the month of April will be to earn at least $200 and to get the max rev-share by earning 31 points and using some topics from the InfoBarrel editorial calendar.

I will work extremely hard and stay very focuses during April so that I can ease of a little but in May and go have some fun. Camping and fishing time is getting close and I want to be able to spend some time in the mountains camping out and enjoying life.

Writing for a living can afford the flexibility to do what you want and when you want to. While I am not going to be able to afford a brand new Bentley this year, I will be able to head off for a 4-5 days at a time up into the mountains.

One day I will have my InfoBarrel earnings at $1,000 a month, but I still have a ways to go. I was almost a ¼ of the way towards this goal in March. I can always rely on InfoBarrel to bring me in over $100 a month even without doing any work.

This month I will once again wear out the Pandora DJ as I continually like to play music while I am writing articles. I usually listen to the Tupac station unless I am doing travel articles, and then I like to listen to the Smashing Pumpkins Station. Why? I don’t know but it seems to work for me. I wish everyone well in their article writing this month and hope that we all can make a lot of money!