One of the most fascinating things about Living in LVs is the variety of activities. You can get involved with everything from a pinball museum to playing in the World Series of Poker main event. Yes Las Vegas has a lot of gambling and other related activities but Las Vegas is also home to many other things that you may not normally think about.

It blows my mind to realize that people ride bicycles in LV. Yes I know it is a common thing and I normally would not think twice about it but if you have ever been on Las Vegas in the middle of the summer when it is 115 degrees in the shade then you can attest to the fact that it is hot has hell there. Hell, it is probably hotter than hell. I have ridden my bike in 110 degree weather before and it killed me. I only went about 3 ½ miles and I stopped at 2 gas stations along the way to get hydrated. Cycling in Las Vegas is something you will see people doing at the hottest part of the day, but generally they will only cycle early in the morning and late at night once the temperature begins to cool down.

Although the outside temperature tends to cool down a bit in the evening when the sun goes down this is not always the case. During the summer of 2012 there was a heat wave in Las Vegas and it was 9:00 at night and the temperature was still hovering between `110-115 degrees. People in Las Vegas are used to hot temperatures so when you have Las Vegas residents calling the temperature a heat wave then you know it will be killer for anyone who comes from out of the area to visit Las Vegas.


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It is common to think of LV as a place that is way too hot to live in or even visit during the summer time. I mean, who in their right mind want to live somewhere where it can get so damned hot in the summer time? Yes the outside temperature sucks but most people live and work inside where it is air-conditioned.

Don’t make the mistake of being a new resident in LV and decide to save on your monthly power bill by enjoying the air-conditioning at the hotel casino down the road as opposed to cranking up the air-conditioning and your energy bill at home. Yes if you keep the AC at home on very low or even turned off and instead go to the casino down the street you can save a lot of money on your energy bill. The problem is that some people, especially new residents of Las Vegas, get sucked into gaming and end up losing a lot more money than they would have had they simply stayed home and cranked the AC up to the coldest setting.

Going to a casino though is a lot of fun, even for the locals. The locals have their favorite spots where they will hang out and there are numerous casinos they target locals. These local friendly bars often ma have machines that give you a better chance of winning. This is not always true though. The locals often have a game they prefer to play such as Deuces Wild Video Poker Double Pay or something similar. The locals will know which bars or casinos have the best odds on the machine. 

One of the most exciting things in LV, at least from my perspective, is the number of food venues. I love buffets in Las Vegas. Most people tend to look for cheap buffets but in general the buffets are not as cheap as they used to be because people demand higher quality food. This is a shame because I loved eating at the Sahara buffet for $2.95 back in the day. Yes the food sucked but I myself enjoyed it. You can still find cheap buffets but one of the keys to getting a cheap buffet is to research. A lot of cheap Vegas buffets will give you a major discount if you have either Players Club loyalty card. Most casinos will also offer you a free buffet once you have earned X number of points with your casino loyalty card. I always liked to find drunk people and stick my card in their machine when they were distracted. This way I got credit for a free meal and did not have to wager a single cent.

For some reason there is still a myth that is prevalent among many Vega Outsiders that everybody who lives in and near Las Vegas works at a casino and when they are not working they are gambling and or partying at a casino. If you are one of the people that believes this then you will be shocked to learn that, wait for it, not everybody who lives in Las Vegas gambles. You can easily spend an entire year in Las Vegas and never set foot inside of a casino or gamble.

Not everybody goes to a casino and in fact there are even people who generally do not gamble at all for religious reasons. One of the prevalent religions in Las Vegas is Mormons. The Church of Latter Day Saints, commonly called the Mormons, were actually among the first permanent white settlers in the area. Most of the Mormons ended up packing up and leaning back in the day but a few of them were able to stick it out. The old Mormon Fort still has a few ruins from it that can be seen. There is also a sacred Mormon Temple in Las Vegas and it is pretty cool.

When I lived in Vegas I got off of work one day and drove one of my coworkers home. He lived up near the Mormon Temple. I dropped him off and then stopped down in front of the Mormon Temple. I was enjoying the beautiful building and the awesome lights of Vegas all lit up at night. About then it began to snow. There was not a lot of snow and once I drove back to where I lived there was no snow. The Vegas snow was not sticking to the ground that night but it did snow. I was excited for this.

Snow is not unheard of in Las Vegas. Occasionally it will snow and you will see palm trees covered in snow and even the famous Las Vegas strip covered in some snow. It does not happen very often, maybe only every 5 years or so, but it can and does happen. You never know when it will snow; of course you never know what will happen in Vegas either. With so many people visiting Vegas each year it is truly an amazing City.