Within the oil business, thread protectors are one of the most essential pieces of gear. Though small compared to the mountain movers and pump jacks, they protect pipes from harm due to stress, mishandling, and even the corrosive supplies that are generally used in the field. MSI Oilfield Goods will be the top manufacturer and distributor of these little technological marvels.

Pipes are one of the oil industry's biggest costs. It isn't uncommon for a large oil business to a couple hundred million dollars on pipes every year, and then to spend a number of more million dollars to inspect those pipes. As soon as the pipes happen to be bought, although, they must travel towards the drill site and they cannot be damaged once they get there. Pipe connections are important in the operation of an oil rig, and cross-threaded or broken ends can put an operation on hold till they are able to be replaced or repaired. There are 3 types of thread protectors, and the choice of which is correct for the job depends on what it's required to shield against.

Plastic protectors cover any type of problem in the field. They're extremely effective against bad weather and rough handling by the oil field workers. They also offer corrosion protection, as the climate does not affect plastic the same way it affects metal. Nevertheless, they are unable to stand up to high impact situations, and are broken more easily.

Composite protectors are the very best in the both worlds. A mixture of plastic and steel, they offer a wide range of durability and costs. Stronger than plastic alone, but with out the chance of rust as well as other weather-related problems, composite thread protectors are made in different strengths to be able to fit every require.

The last material is 1 that is pretty much distinctive to MSI. The ecologically friendly Eco TitanÒ is produced from qualified reprocessed resin. It's just as tough as its brethren, offers exactly the same levels of protection, and is economical for the customer on top of it all. It's the perfect way to go green on the job site.

When the job rides on tight connections standing firm throughout extreme temperatures, moisture and corrosives, thread protectors are a lifesaving device. MSI Oilfield Goods provides a lengthy list of items that fit any and all situations or circumstances that would require a thread protector. They're the Wal-Mart of the oil industry, offering one stop shopping for all issues pipe protection.