Thread Vein Removal

When you are bothered by embarrassing thread veins, you can find some great options for thread vein removal online. There are many different ways to get rid of these unsightly veins. You can use anything from creams to surgeries. Deciding which option is right for you may be the most overwhelming part.

What Causes Varicose Veins?

Physicians are not sure why these veins appear. It could be from temperature changes, smoking or even hormonal changes in your body. Some say it could be from standing for long periods of time as well. These veins can show up on your face, body or legs. They are very common and can be removed with various treatments.

Option for Thread Vein Removal – Laser Therapy

One option you have is with varicose laser therapy. This type of thread vein removal is used on veins in the face, body and legs. They can remove fine and large veins fast and effectively after a few sessions. This is a non invasive treatment. Normally the average is anywhere from 3-5 treatments that are recommended to fully get rid of the veins.

Option for Thread Vein Removal - Sclerotherapy

Some offices offer sclerotherapy. This will remove the veins from the body and legs and is basically a simple treatment. This is also a non surgical treatment. It generally takes only 30-40 minutes to perform. The doctor or nurse will inject a solution into the vein which causes the vein to basically perish over a course of treatments. This will cause it to disappear completely after a few treatments. Most often times for this type of thread vein removal it takes around four treatments.

Option for Thread Vein Removal – Cream

Other types of treatments you can try are creams or lotions. Some of these may not be as effective but you may find they work as well as the doctor's treatments. These can be less costly than the other methods of removal and will be painless. Many companies have recognized the demand for this type of cream and are working on developing their own or marketing their own cream choices.

Thread vein removal is an easy process that you can do in your doctor's office or sometimes in the comfort of your own home. There are several types of removal options and you should discuss with your doctor which works best for your situation. Getting rid of those embarrassing veins will help to raise your confidence as well. You will be ready for shorts season in no time when you visit your doctor and discuss your removal options.