Going to amusement parks is definitely fun and exciting. Nonetheless, despite the thrill and excitement that this recreational activity could bring, it may sometimes be a cause of serious injuries or even death when an accident happens.

Hundreds of people with back, neck and head injuries and spinal cord injuries are sent to the hospital every year from amusement park accidents. Some incurred serious injuries while there are cases of wrongful deaths as a result of such accident.

There are no U.S Laws or agencies that mandate operators on what to do with amusement and water parks safety procedures. There may be states that regulate their parks or oblige them to report ride accidents, but there is no uniform law regarding amusement parks.

Unless you sue the liable party/parties and get the court to order discovery of past similar accidents, you will never know the others who were injured from the same ride.

In California, as of 2007, there are no existing laws that require ride operators to report accidents to agencies or state authorities, although the state has a number of the best and largest amusement parks which attract thousands of tourists and visitors.

To name a few of the popular and most visited amusement parks, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and Magic Mountain.

Dangers in Amusement Parks

Since there are many amusement parks, competition is always at hand. Owners are therefore pushed to give the most exciting and thrilling experience to attract many visitors and get the most money when they buy ride tickets.

With the intention of doing so, they sometimes focus on giving what would thrill the people, and not on their safety. Because of this, accidents are more likely to happen.

Like most of the accidents, human error is the most common cause of amusement park accidents. This includes abrupt stops, slamming brakes, improper repair, and poor maintenance of the rides.

When the operator or the park owner does not check the rides regularly, this may lead to mechanical failures such as broken or missing safety pins, structural failure and other structural weakening parts like sheared wires, broken seatbelts, and faulty lap bars.

Additionally, improper behavior of other park attendees such as riding recklessly, standing during rides, willfully and intentionally shaking rail cars, breaking safety restraint devices, sitting in safety restraints, carrying children outside the restraint systems, and not following the ride safety precautions, may also result to accidents.

Although there may be some unexpected instances that may cause the accident, the owners and operators of amusement parks still have the responsibility to ensure the safety of the park attendees or visitors.

They should likewise be responsible of preventing people from the dangers of amusement parks such as:

  • Rides fall

  • Dangerous rides for kids

  • Slip, trip and fall injuries

  • Irresponsible and improper actions of amusement park visitors

Such dangers may cause serious and catastrophic injuries and more likely, small children could be the victim.

Recovering from Amusement Park Accident

If you are a victim of an amusement park accident and incurred injuries, you can recover damages from responsible parties. However, you need to provide evidences that will attest the liability of the defendant.

To help you with these matters, a personal injury lawyer specializing in the same area could help you through providing you with the best course of action against the liable party/parties.