Electronics are expensive especially laptops, and if you are someone who likes a name brand with all the bells and whistles then you are going to pay top dollar. 

I have purchased refurbished electronics before and have been very happy with my choices.  If you are looking for a good name brand but simply don’t have the budget then consider getting a refurbished laptop.

If you have visions of some back alley purchase when it comes to second hand, then you need to check out these top three places when it comes to getting good quality for a lot less cash out of your pocket.  You need a place that will give you some kind of warranty and a list of the replaced parts.

Many times the redone model is actually better than the original as the memory gets and boost and many times the power, battery and it gets cleaned inside and out.  It is also a great way to reuse instead of throwing them out.

Local Computer Repair Shop

This is a good place to start.  Many people don’t realize that most of these repair shops sell as well as fix.  This is where I got mine.  My local repair guy not only repairs anything you have that is electronic, but he also renovates old systems and has them for sale.  I had never really noticed until I was in there getting a part replaced (I dropped mine) and while I was waiting I saw cheap laptops for sale on the shelf along with other systems and electronics.

These were name brand good quality.  He told me he would buy them off leases from larger companies that supply their employees with computers and then totally redo them with the best parts, higher memory and basically all that is left the same is the shell.  But these are offered at a deep discount when it comes to reselling them.

The best part is he stands behind them with his own warranty.  He refurbished them so he knows what is going on inside of them.  He will also show you how to use any new additional gadgets. 

This is a good place to start.   Check out your local computer repair shop and see if he also sells laptops that he has given the once over or upgraded.  

Friends Selling Off or Getting Rid of Older Models

There are people out there who always have to have the latest and greatest when it comes to any electronics including laptops.  If you ask them they may have a slightly older model they are willing to part with for a few bucks or maybe even free if they are a good friend. 

You can then take this laptop to a computer repair guy and get it cleaned and upgraded so you start with a clean slate and if you can afford some upgrades then you have a “just as good as new system” within your budget.  Get the latest in antivirus wear and you are set.

These things can get very expensive, especially if you need it for school and are watching your money.

Refurbished LaptopCredit: Amazon.com
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you can get the name brand you are looking at for an affordable price.

Online with Amazon

If you look up refurbished laptops and many different electronics, you will find that Amazon will back it up with a 30 day return policy.  So check out the positive ratings, and then if you do purchase online with Amazon, make sure you check it out completely so that you know if everything is alright within those 30 days.

Shopping online is also a good way to be able to pick the brand you want and the model you are looking for.  Just make sure the savings are worth getting the refurbished model for.

Sometimes if you shop at the right time of the year, such as towards the end of the year when newer stock is coming in for Christmas, you may also be able to afford a brand new model as they will sell off last year’s models for cheaper.

Get to know the brands or models you like and then really get familiar with the prices.  You will want to save at least 45% by getting a renovated one, so make sure you are getting the savings.  Be careful of any hidden shipping fees, and make sure if you purchase online that there is a good return policy.Refurbished laptopsCredit: Amazon.com

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dress it up with a cool laptop bag

Worth Checking Out

Above are three places worth checking out if you are in the market for a laptop for yourself or someone else.  Getting a “gently used upgraded one” can be a great way to keep up with the latest in computers without breaking the bank. 

You can even continue to get it upgraded instead of getting a new one down the road.  As long as the case is in good condition there is no reason it can’t be simply upgraded again.

I have a desktop computer that was actually built by the local computer repair guy and I have had it for 5 years now, and I just got it upgraded again and it works perfectly fine. 

New is nice, it is nice to get it out of the box, but many times you still have to pay the guy at the big box store to put on the programs or a “setup fee” so if you do buy new, keep that in mind and allow that in your budget.

With the savings, you can now buy yourself a really cool laptop case or even a skin to personalize it for yourself or someone else.  

Get to know the brands, what you need the laptop for and the prices and you can then compare apples with apples when you go shopping for a refurbished laptop.