Experience Athens inexpensively

For travellers on a tight budget

Athens, Greece is known as the seat of art and philosophy, and is also considered the city that spawned democracy and much of western civilization, as we know it. With its more than 3,000 year history, this is a stunning destination for a visit, and is also packed with a great deal of wallet-friendly things to do and see.

Having lived there for nearly 2 years, I have compiled this list of 3 inexpensive experiences you can enjoy in the Greek capital:

1. Take a Walk

Athens at nighttime is an amazingly vibrant and beautiful place. Shops and restaurants stay open late during the summer season, and the city really gets moving after 10 pm. Whether you decide to spend money on a local dessert, drink, or handicraft, or to simply walk and enjoy people watching, taking a stroll through town is a great, budget-friendly means of spending an evening. Check out the Plaka area particularly, and if you decide to buy anything, don't forget that bargaining is expected.

Cost: Free

2. Lycabettus Hill

The sister “high spot” to the Acropolis, Lycabettus Hill is a great place to photograph the nearby region and get a great view of the sunset over Athens. Often much less crowded than the more recognized Acropolis, Lycabettus Hill is accessible via cable car or on foot at the intersection of Aristippou and Ploutarchou Streets, and it is secluded enough to feel like one has left the hustle and bustle of the city below. There is also a theater at the top that hosts concerts and performances. 

Cost: 6 Euro for the Tram

3. Parliament Changing of the Guard

There's fascinating concerning the pomp and circumstance of the changing of the guard ceremony regardless of what country one happens to be visiting. The Greek changing of the guard in front of Parliament is no exception. The whole process begins at 11 am in Syntagma Square and takes Fifteen minutes, which makes it a great side trip if you are already out and about. 

Cost: Free

Athens offers a large number of free and low-cost activities and sites, a few of which are enjoyed by the locals just as much as the tourists. Ask around when you arrive in Athens. The best spot to get the inside scoop on what is affordable and fun, is to ask those who are there everyday.

A street in Athens

Athens street
Credit: DirtcheapAthens.com