If you are wanting to sell your house but know it needs work, then check out these three cheap ways to improve home value, that can make your house look great and give you that edge over others.

Paint - This has to be one of the cheapest and quickest ways to take a tired worn looking house and making it look new again.  But like any other job you do in your house, you need to do this right in order to have that effect.

This is not the time to slap on a coat of paint and not take the time and effort to do a good job.  A lousy paint job is just as bad as no paint at all.  So, allow some time, don't do this while under pressure, and if you don't think you can get it done in a reasonable length of time, then see if you can get some friends to help that you know have done well with painting inEasy Ways to Improve Home ValueCredit: morguefile.com their own home.  You could always bribe them with dinner at your house afterwards or the promise of a cold tall one.

This is a great tip to follow for inside and outside, and don't forget that front door.  The entrance to your house is really important, as it sets the stage.  So, make it look its best with a fresh coat of paint.

If you are wanting to sell your home, then this is not the time for that vivid red wall or bright green bedroom walls.  Pick a warm neutral colour.  A  light buttery maple  colour has become quite popular and is easy on the eyes and warm.  A neutral colour can be taken right through the house and then added accents such as pillows and linens can make each room look a little different. 

Sticking with neutral colours is a great way to make your house look bigger and just fresh and open.  Too many different colours can make a house look small and choppy.  So, keep your personal colour choices out of this one if you are planning to stage your house for sale.

If the walls already have a vibrant colour on them, then you will need to invest in a few cans (or one large pail which can be cheaper in the end) of a high adhesion primer such as Zinsser.  A high adhesion primer will stop any dark colours from bleeding through afterwards and ruining your efforts.  This is a also a good step to take if you are not sure what type of paint is on the wall.  If it is oil based, you will have problems putting latex overtop, so by using a high adhesion priWays to Improve Home ValueCredit: amazonmer you will not only hide dark colours, but be able to use latex with no peeling problems.

If your house is full of wood or plastic panelling, then consider painting it for a great instant effect.  You will need to clean it well and then coat it with a high adhesion primer first, then your choice of colour.  Panelling painted neutral can have a sophisticated beach house look.

To keep costs down, try and work with what you have.  If the walls are pitted and not in the best shape, you can try and fill holes with plaster or you can purchase texture paint for any bad walls.  This basically looks like paint with sand in it, and it works wonders over walls with some pitting and damage. 

Whether it is a bad colour, panelled or pitted walls, with the right preparation, good quality high adhesion primer, and neutral top coat, it will look like a million bucks compared to what it was for very little money.  You can usually paint an average sized room for under 100 dollars, and the difference it can make is huge!  Your decorating dollar will go the furthest with a good paint job.

Carpet Cleaning - If your house has carpets or even area rugs, cleaning these can make them look new again and leave the house with a fresh smell.  You can save money here and rent a machine.  This will take a few hours, so don't be in a rush when you do this job. 

You will need to prep your home first, by getting rid of clutter and moving as much out of the rooms as you can.  Give the carpets a really good vacuum first, then follow the directions and make sure you use a good carpet cleaner that is designed for the machine you rented.

One of the most important parts of using a carpet steam cleaner is to make sure and suck back up as much of the water as possible so that you don't have a damp carpet for days.  This can actually be worse than a dirty carpet as it will smell damp.  Make sure and pass over the area until you don't see anymore water sucking back up into the machine.

If your carpet was really dirty, then go over it once more.  After it has dried, make sure and give it a really good vacuum to fluff it up.

If you find that there are some slightly worn areas, and you can't afford to be replacing the carpet, then consider rearranging your furniture so that this area is not as obvious, or purchasing a small complimentary area rug for over top of the carpet, such as under the coffee table for example.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware - If you can't swing a new kitchen, then one of the cheapest way to improve home value, is by really cleaning the kitchen and getting rid of as mCheap Ways To Improve Home ValueCredit: Amazonuch clutter off the counter as possible and changing out the cabinet hardware to give the kitchen a fresh look.

If your kitchen was included in the first step of painting the house a neutral colour, then you have probably already noticed a big difference in its appearance.  By clearing off the counter of as much as possible,  you give the impression of lots of space.  Give your cabinets a really good clean.  If they are wood, consider using a wood soap to get rid of grease, otherwise use a good degreaser. 

You don't often realize how much grease can build up over the years on a well lived in kitchen, it leaves your cabinets looking dull.  So, give them a good clean and dry them well.  Then consider replacing the older style knobs and drawer pulls with ones that give your kitchen a bit more of a modern look. 

Simple brushed metal ones accomplish this well.  Try and find modern ones that will fit the same holes that your old ones used, so that you don't have to be filling any holes.  You want to be able to quickly replace these.  You can get these at most home improvement stores as well as online.

 These three cheap ways to improve home value are quick fixups that just require some of your time and a bit of elbow grease!  But will be worth it in the end at that open house when your house looks freshly painted, clean and ready to move in.