Buying gifts for men can be a very difficult task. Buying classy gifts for men can be an even more difficult task. When you are buying a classy gift for a man, you want to purchase a gift that you think the man will use. A few classy gift ideas for men include sweaters, cufflinks, and cigars. If you are looking to purchase a classy gift for a man, check out Johnston & Murphy and Brooks Brothers. Remember, you can get a great deal on the gifts that are sold by those merchants by using promo codes.

1. Sweaters

Sweaters may seem like a boring gift idea. However, many men wear sweaters during the fall and winter, which makes them a practical gift. In particular, cashmere sweaters are a very classy gift for men. What's great about cashmere sweaters is not only are they extremely soft, but they are available in a wide variety of colors. Plus, cashmere sweaters are available in different styles. For a casual look, go with a crew neck cashmere sweater. To show off a long sleeve button down shirt, a v-neck cashmere sweater is the way to go. Zip neck cashmere sweaters are great for outdoor use, as well.

2. Cufflinks

For many people, cufflinks are the first gift idea that they think of when they are thinking about classy gifts for men. If you decide to purchase cufflinks for a man, take a look at cufflinks that feature semi-precious stones. Cufflinks with semi-precious stones have a very classy look and go great with any shirt. When you are looking for cufflinks with semi-precious stones, look for cufflinks that feature a moonstone, mother of pearl, lapis lazuli, or onyx. Cufflinks are generally available in many different materials, such as gold, stainless steel, titanium, and sterling silver. Of course, the material that you purchase depends on your budget. If you are looking to impress a man, you can even get cufflinks with semi-precious stones personalized.

3. Cigars

Cigars may not seem like a classy gift, but they really are. Many men love cigars, but don't bother buying them on their own. To improve upon cigars, you can even purchase personalized cigars. When you purchase personalized cigars, you are able to personalize the band that is on the cigar itself. Cigars are typically presented in wooden boxes, which of courses, creates a very classy look. You can even personalize the wooden box itself. If you are not familiar with cigars, brands that you should look into include Macanudo, Arturo Fuente, Ashton, Partagas, CAO, Cohiba, and Montecristo. Cigars will vary in price, but you should have no problem finding a good tasting cigar for 1 to 3 dollars per cigar. You can generally save money by purchasing a box of cigars and then having the cigars personalized, as well.