As the world advances, it seems that allergies are causing troubles for many. The disorders happen when the immune system of an individual overrates to a specific substance. Some may think that the allergic reactions they suffer from are only temporary which however can be false perceptions and lead to a fatal result when overlook the symptoms. We will discuss three common allergies in this passage.

Skin Allergy: Skin is the largest organ for every one of us. And thus almost everyone has suffered from skin allergy which may be induced by eating certain food or getting into contact with a particular substance. In fact, the causes for skin allergy are complicated that stress and hormone can also affect the reaction of skin, causing rashes and itchy feeling. It is important that people who suffer from the problem choose carefully what they eat and use to avoid unwanted skin reactions.

nose allergy

Nose allergy: The change of temperature and humidity is a prevalent reason for nose allergy to happen. If there is a sudden influx of cold dry air in the nasal, a runny nose may result. Hay fever is also a kind of nose allergy which always happens seasonally, especially in spring and summer. The disorder is always triggered by the pollen of certain plants. Symptoms include runny nose and sneezing attack. Nose allergy usually happens less as people get older.

Eye allergy: Allergens like dust, pollen and mold when come in contact with eyes can cause allergic reactions to take place, making eyes get red, itchy, watery or swollen. To prevent the problem, we should not rub our eyes, especially with unwashed hands. We should also avoid wearing contact lens and stop putting on eye make-up, especially eye liners and mascara.

When a certain allergic reaction occurs repeatedly, you should go to a doctor's office to get some professional advice and diagnosis. The reactions may be symptoms of an illness. We should pay attention to what our bodies are trying to tell us.

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