It’s hard to try and get over a break up if you are still attracted to your ex lover. And that’s expected, especially if you shared a deep bond. A person can go a year still pining over an ex after the separation was formalized. However, romantic as it sounds, being hung up on someone serves very little advantage to the object of the affection or the one giving affection. Suffice to say that it would be more beneficial for all parties involved to try and move on with their lives in the quickest way possible. If you are finding yourself in in such a predicament, here are some creative methods on break up survival – how to get over someone you love.

1. Turn all your unaddressed feelings into art. It can be a form of therapy. And if you make something amazing enough, you might even get a few sales in the process. In the music industry, people who have had their hearts broken make the best songs. But you don’t have to stick to that expression only. You could paint, write stories, create statues, and make pottery or little home accessories. You don’t even have to intentionally make them commercial so they could be retailed. You just have to make them as you wish them – as your current frame of mind and heart would like them to be – whether it makes sense or not. If it takes out the negative from your system then it was well-served its purpose of helping you get over a break up.

2. Renovate your living space. And along with that, tear down any remembrance of your past relationship. Again, this will help you purge out all the unwanted and destructive feelings you still have inside as a result of your ex’ abrupt exit. Break up survival – how to get over someone you love requires that you deal with your problems daily and find the reason and resources within yourself to resolve them. Renovation will provide a two-part healing experience that will help you move forward in life. First, it will allow you to express what you feel. And second, it will allow you to get satisfaction from buying things you want and getting your expected results.

3. Find a new personal style. Another great way to get over your ex is reinvention. When you suffer through heartbreak like you did, it’s unjustifiable to just leave things as they are. You have to transform yourself into a better, stronger person. Now, I’m not telling you to take on a new identity and dissociate. I’m saying you evolve – upgrade yourself into the next level of human that you are supposed to be. Start with the physical and then work your way inward. You would be amazed at how much a new hairdo and set wardrobe can uplift your mood.