Three Cross-Generational Family Christmas Movies

Christmas Season, the special time of year that brings people from all walks of life together in a joyous celebration of kindness, spirituality, and Charlie Brown. The holiday season is filled with classic tales that have been with many people since childhood. Below are three films that will entertain even the most hyperactive of children.

A Christmas Story: This holiday classic will appeal to both parent and child alike. An unforgettable tale of Ralphie Parker, a young boy with his heart set on the coveted Red-Rider BB gun. There is a big problem though; his mother refuses on the basis she believes he is bound to "shoot an eye out".

Little Ralphie continues on his quest trying to enlist the assistance of both his teacher and Santa Clause. As if his hands weren't already full enough, he must overcome schoolyard bullies and the marital spats of his parents. This cross-generational treasure is perfect for bringing the whole family together in the spirit of the season.

A Charlie Brown Christmas: Arguably the timeliest of all Peanuts adventures, this Christmas classic stars the most lovable underdog of all, Charlie Brown. Feeling alienated by his friends and disgusted by the more absurd elements of the season, Charlie turns to Lucy for help. Being the gang's resident psychiatrist, Lucy suggests that Charlie get involved in a community project. She believes this will restore his Christmas spirit.

Taking her advice, Charlie Brown becomes director of the school Christmas play. This only fuels frustrations until his despair reaches a fever pitch. Always the beacon of light, the blanket carrying Lionel saves the season by offering words of wisdom that serve to enlighten the whole crew about the true meaning of Christmas. The legendary Charles M. Schulz does a masterful job of offering an innocent, subtle critique of how consumer obsessed the holiday has become.

Home Alone: Shattering box office records and becoming the highest grossing comedy of all time. Home Alone appeals to rebellious children the world over. Macaulay Culkin makes his true claim to fame starring as Kevin McCallister.

Culkin does an incredible job portraying an eight-year-old boy disgusted by the stresses of living in a large, dysfunctional family. Having had enough, Kevin decides to act out on the eve before a big family trip to Europe.

Inevitably this leads the young Kevin to being sentenced to his room, waking the next morning to find his family has left him completely alone. This sets the stage for an epic rollercoaster ride as the young delinquent brilliantly fends off two pin-headed burglars as his guilt stricken mother desperately rushes back to her son.

While controversial at the time, the slapstick humor throughout the film is tame in comparison to modern standards. Proving to be both humorous and insightful, this classic Christmas film will forever appeal to the rebellious child in us all.

All three of the above classic Christmas films offer families the chance to bond over laughs, life lessons and holiday spirit.