Since the promotion of ionic foot bath detox, many different manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon and many different types of machines were invented and subsequently marketed. However, people are still in the dark as to the true effects of the different brands and models and whether there is truth to the alleged efficacy. And foremost ... are these machines safe to use? There are many different types of ionic foot bath reviews on the Internet for you to look at and base your purchase on.

Here are 3 ionic foot bath reviews of different models with a description for each of them.

• Ionizer Foot Bath Pro II Kit

For a price of $1,595, the machine can already be used to detoxify by mere addition of water. The package contains the ionizer Pro IIunit, an aluminum outer box, 3 health ionizer arrays, a belt for FIR (far infrared rays) feature, 1 plastic tub liners, sea salt and manual for operation. This is used for a 110 to 220 voltage. The machine is a new model-design and is easy to use. The additional function is the FIR. The LCD panel shows the time, voltage, ion strength and the 5 working modes for polarity change. The device is equipped with an auto electric disconnection whenever the session is finished.

• Ionizer Foot Bath Pro III Kit

This is a more advanced model of the Pro II kit and it is priced at $1,995. To use this piece of equipment, you only have to add water, plug and start. The package contains the ionizer Pro III, 4 health ionizer arrays, 2 earphones, USB Cord, 2 plastic tubs, sea salt, manual of operation and whole food electrolyte mix. A free extra can comes with the package. The required voltage for operation is 110 to 220. The device is user-friendly and is a new design. It has a two working system feature, a download music function and a strong aluminum box package. It has LCD panel that shows the time, working voltage, ion strength and 5 working modes. It also has an automatic disconnection once the session is ended.

• Ionizer Foot Bath Tub Kit

This model has a price of $1,595. It is easy to use. To start detoxifying, the user has just to add water. The package contains the unit ionizer tub, a power adapter and 3 health ionizer arrays. For additional massage usage, the unit has 2 massage patches. The box also contains sea salt, 5 tub liners, earphones, USB cord, a manual and a nylon carrying case. It can be plugged to a 110 voltage or 240 voltage electric current. It is very easy to operate and the machine has a two in one design. It has earned additional massage patch feature, LCD panel showing time, voltage, ion strength and working mode. It incorporates a strength monitor to provide for an extra massage feature. You can also use the unit to download music from the Internet. At the end of the session, there is automatic disconnection.

There are different kinds of equipments that cater to yourfoot detox spa needs. Before you purchase any unit, you have to search the internet and find ionic foot bath reviews that will help you in making your decision. There are some machines that are for rent so it is up to you to decide whether you are going to rent, go to a spa center for foot bath detoxification or buy your own unit.