There are a ton of different teeth whitening products on the market today. This can actually be quite overwhelming if you don't know what to look for. Should you go with a professional teeth whitening program or should you try and do it yourself? Should you just switch toothpastes or is there more to it than this? These are all very legitimate questions and you shouldn't feel guilty for not knowing the answers! In this article, we'll consider three very different teeth whitening procedures. Keep in mind that one procedure is not necessarily better than they other. There are just different strokes for different folks - or something like that.

Now before I go any further, I should probably mention the fact that I'm not a dentist or teeth whitening technician. There is plenty of great info online and I encourage all of you to read up. All lot of sites actually have reviews of different whitening methods written by real people like you and me. If you're unclear on anything, it's best to consult with your dentist.

So, if you're looking for a cheap teeth whitening procedure, look no further than an over the counter product. The most popular ones are a part of the Crest Whitestrips family. These products are OK if the stains on your teeth aren't that bad. The one thing about these products that I don't like is the fact that they don't whiten the space in between each tooth. This takes away from the brightness that most people are looking for in a smile. As far as the procedure part goes, the Whitestrips are pretty easy to apply. You simply stick them onto each tooth in your mouth. A peroxide gel connected to the strips basically bleaches your teeth. They're typically worn for two 30 minute sessions a day for a couple weeks. The cost of this solution is a huge plus. Crest Whitestrips cost between $25 and $50.

If you're willing to spend a bit more money, you'll see far better results. The second teeth whitening procedure we're going to discuss here are the take home kits. These systems come straight from your dentist's office so, naturally, they're better than something available in a drug store. These generally take the form of two mouth guard looking items. These trays are custom fit for your top and bottom rows of teeth. They are filled with a fairly high concentrate of peroxide gel which penetrates the teeth when you put these trays in your mouth. Unlike the Whitestrips discussed above, most of these trays only require a single use. The cost of this teeth whitening procedure is usually in the $200 range. Common brand names that you may want to research further include Discus and Ultradent.

The final procedure that a lot of people are considering these days is one that's actually performed in the dentist's office. The most popular one is probably the Brite Smile Whitening Procedure. These are considerably more expensive than the methods discussed above but the results are stunning. Usually, this process includes the use of a highly concentrated peroxide gel and a heat lamp that's sometimes called a laser. A single one hour session will typically make your teeth way brighter. Expect to pay close to $1000 for laser teeth whitening procedure.