How Can We Be More Productive?


"Everyone wants to be productive these days, especially in today's fast-paced information seeking society.  Time is money right, so no one wants to waste any?  One of the many ways people keep track of their tasks is by creating checklists.  So without further delay, I will provide you with three ways to enhance your checklist making abilities, allowing you to complete those important tasks and objectives in record time."


These are in no particular order of importance.


1. Use more than one color when writing

With the ever increasing growth in technology, our attention spans have greatly dwindled, so it's important to be able to distinguish the different priority tasks of your checklist.  Everyone either has some kind of smartphone or handheld electronic device that they can use for emailing and note taking.  I generally write down all my daily tasks on a sheet of paper, I'll explain this more below, and list them in no particular order.  The important thing is to Get Them Down first.  I suggest using a different color for the important tasks, other than black (i recommend using a color that pops out, like red).  This will allow you to quickly locate what you need to do first, which will help you if you have a long list of things to do, and you don't need to write them down in any given order.


2. Write it down on paper 

From smartphones, to ipods and ipads, there are a ton of options for portable devices, all of which have some kind of note taking software.  I discourage the use of them for checklist because things generally have more meaning when you write them down on paper.  That being said, if you have a small attention span like me, you will only write down the things you NEED to get done.  Also if you write it down on paper, it will give you more satisfaction when crossing them out,a s you are abel to get a brief sense of physical satisfaction.


3. Use loose leaf paper

 I recommend using loose leaf paper because more than likely the checklist you made will be thrown out later.  There's no use in writing your list down in a fancy expensive notebook purchased from some stationary store.  Use a piece of scrap paper.  I like to use a sheet of regular copy/printer paper, that way I can fold it easily and stick it in my pocket.  Each side of the folded paper can be used for a separate list, and than later discarded!

Thank you for viewing this article and I hope it helps you on the next list you check off.