High Value Coupons

Due to the economic state the country is in people are looking for all sorts of ways to save money. "Couponing" is one of the most popular ways for Americans to save money on goods. Saving $0.25 cents to a $1 are great deals but what if there was a way to get coupons valued at $4 or more! Follow these three easy steps and you will be on your way to saving more money using coupons than you ever have before!

Step One: Look around your house. Think about what items you are not happy with? Or have been unhappy with in the past. Find those items. Find which company manufactures the item and continue to step two.

Step Two: Go to the manufacture's website. Find the "contact us" link. It is usually in small font on the bottom of the website. Fill out the form. Provide your real name and address. This ensures that the coupon will be sent to the correct address. In the email explain why you are not happy with your item. For example, a few weeks ago I contacted Glade. I noticed that my Glade Plug-In was making a loud noise. I email Glade and just a few weeks later I received a coupon for up to $5 to replace my Plug-In or to spend on any Glade product.

Step Three: Once you have contacted the manufacturer, all you have to do now is wait. Usually you will get a conformation email saying they have received your email and will send you a coupon in the mail. They will also add how long it will take for you to receive your coupon so keep an eye on your mail box.

The value of the coupon is determined by what the manufacturer is willing to give out or on how much money you spent on the item. Some manufactures or companies will send multiple coupons while others will send just one. In my experience it is important to only contact a manufacturer if you are honestly dissatisfied with the product you purchased. When contacting the manufacturer remember to always be sincere, the manufacturer will know if your intentions are to get free high value coupons or if you are truly unsatisfied. 

In addition, the three steps listed above also applies to restaurants! For instance if you received horrible service or food, just contact that company and they will be able to send you some sort of coupon.

Why not give it a try? It will only take five minutes of you time. If you follow these three easy steps you will be on your way to getting high value coupons or meal compensation certificates in the mail. Plus, at the end of the day you will feel like a valued customer to the manufacturers you buy goods from everyday.