Fix Your FICO Credit Score Today

Some people who resolve to improve their credit scores give up after a few weeks or months. It's important to realize that there is no easy fix for a bad credit score. Plus, the lower your score, the longer it takes to fix. 

Credit scores decide loan approvals, interest rates, and they might factor into employment and insurance options. Most people visualize themselves owning their own property and creating a safe, happy home for their families. Unfortunately, a bad credit history can shatter these dreams and result in a lifetime of renting and bouncing from place-to-place. 

Putting down roots offers a measure of stability. But unless you build and keep up a strong credit history, you might never realize this dream. Repairing credit denotes consistency and determination. It's going to take more than one on-time payment to build a low score. Keep a positive attitude and know that you can achieve your credit goals. 

Start With Your Credit Report

Removing wrong items from your credit report is a simple and effortless way to add points to you score. There's no rhyme or reason to errors. A creditor might update your file with wrong information or you might be the victim of identity theft. Regardless of the cause, you need to get these items off your report. First, order your report from Annual Credit Report. Next, check the report for unfamiliar accounts and inaccuracies. Finally, write your creditors and the bureaus to dispute these remarks. By law, the bureaus must delete baseless, inaccurate information from your report. 

Reduce How Much You Owe

Something as simple as paying off your credit cards can cause your score to shoot up in a matter of weeks. Of course, this quick remedy is dependent on whether you have the disposable cash to pay off your balances. If you do, consider this an investment in your future. Dip into your emergency funds, liquidate some of your assets, sell items, or ask for overtime. Use this money to get rid of balances and improve your credit score. 

Timeliness is King

With 35 percent of your FICO score riding on whether you can respect due dates, it's important to never miss a payment. Forget about late fees for one moment; missing payments can lower your score. And once you've lost these points, regaining them is an uphill battle. 

Keep your credit score in good condition by writing down your due dates, setting up automatic alerts, or enrolling in automatic bill pay. Six to 12 months of consistent, timely payments will greatly improve your credit score and put you on the right path.