Are you wondering whether you should replace your old boiler? The answer is ‘yes’ if it has ceased to function in the proper way and provide the sufficient amount of hot water. You are not alone as each year lots of people switch to more advanced boilers. According to the statistics provided by the Energy Saving Trust, the regular gas-fuelled boiler is just 60% efficient and the figure slides down each successive year. After decades of use you have no other choice but to replace your boiler. Consider adopting a combination boiler which has become the first choice for many homes. Here are a few facts you need to know.

What is a combination boiler?

A combination boiler is one of the best water heaters available nowadays. Its compact size is one of its major benefits – having no bulky water cylinders the device can easily fit into a small room. It comes with a special heat exchanger which transfers heat to water from mains on its way to the tap. This way, you always have hot water on demand regardless of the number of people in your household. Apart from that, this device can function as a central heating appliance, too.

Are they reliable?

Reliability is one of the main features shoppers look for in new boilers. When choosing a combination boiler, you can have complete peace of mind you are purchasing a device for years to come. Although during the first days of its presence in the market installers didn’t consider the combination boiler reliable, those days have gone. The combination boiler proved to be more efficient than the conventional one straightaway but at the present moment it can boast of more than 90% efficiency over conventional devices.

Are they easy to install?

The simple installation procedure of the combination boiler doesn’t leave other devices a chance to outshine it. Since you don’t have to deal with complicated pipework and bulky tanks, you can have it installed within one day. If you consider how time-consuming installation of conventional devices can be, easy installation becomes an additional benefit of good quality combination boilers.

According to experts, your expenses will be much higher if you keep on using an old boiler with less efficiency. Having adopted new boilers with up to 88% efficiency you can save up on regular heating costs.