When it comes to body fat in men and women the amount that both sexes carry differs quite a bit. To function correctly females need around 10 to 13% essential body fat, any lower than this and female hormonal issues and birth problems may occur. But for males this figure is quite a bit lower to function at their best men need around at least 5% to 9% essential body fat.

Three Fat Burning Tips For MenRemember though, the figures just mentioned are extreme figures which are only usually reached my top athletes. If you are a man who is carrying more body fat than he would like to be carrying then here is three fat burning tips to get you started on your fat loss journey.

Fat Burning Tips For Men Tip One

To lower your body fat percentage you must start a calorie controlled diet plan. Which is around 40% carbohydrates, 40% protein and 20% healthy fats. Good carbohydrate sources are wholegrain bread and cereal, oatmeal, brown rice and pasta. Good sources of protein are lean meats such as chicken and turkey, lean cuts of beef and fish such as mackerel, tuna and salmon. Good sources of fats are flaxseed, nuts and olive oil. A good way to ensure that you eat healthy and stick to your diet plan is to prepare all your food for the next day at night. By preparing it the night before, it will help ensure that you don't buy junk food from your works canteen or local shops.

Fat Burning Tips For Men Tip Two

To lose weight is simple, you need to consume fewer calories than your body needs each day. It really is that simple, if you need 2500 calories each day to maintain your current weight. Drop your daily calorie intake slightly and burn off more calories as well with exercise. You will also need to remember to readjust your daily calorie intake as you are losing weight. Because as you become lighter, the amount of calories you need becomes less. Try to eat a small meal every 2 to 3 hours to keep your metabolic rate high and also drink around 8 large glasses of water each day. This will help to flush out the toxins and will also help in speeding up your metabolism.

Fat Burning Tips For Men Tip Three

Exercise, make sure that you exercise at least three times per week. The best type of exercise for men who are trying to lose weight. Is exercise that helps in speeding up the metabolism, and elevates it for several hours following completion of your workouts. The only form of exercise that will do this is high intensity aerobic exercise and lifting heavy with weights. Start an exercise program that combines high intensity cardio with weight training and you will quickly be on your way to a better body carrying a lot less body fat.

These are just 3 quick tips there are many more, but what you eat, how you exercise is going to determine how fast you see results. Good luck on your fat loss journey!

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