etting back together with an ex requires a certain finesse and timing. You can’t just choose a method and implement it any time you want. You have to be sensitive to the situation as well as your ex feelings. On top of that, you also have to be aware of your capacity as consistency is required for success. You can’t expect to take ex back through frequent communication and not have her ask for it again as the relationship progresses. Moreover, you also have to be critical about the appropriateness of your interventions as there are certain tactics to winning the love of your life back that are not acceptable in all levels.

1. Blackmail. Despite its sordid nature, a lot of men and women surprisingly apply this method to be able to take their ex back. They either threaten to withhold financial support or expose their deepest, darkest secrets so their partners don’t make the mistake of leaving them. And then, there are those who use emotions to manipulate their exes, saying a break up would devastate them to the point they’d hurt themselves. It’s not healthy at all to pursue this. And it may seem like its working, but what it actually does is just prolong the inevitable.

2. Bribe. And then, there are those who use their assets to buy someone’s affection and secure them success at getting back together with an ex. To discourage their lovers from fleeing the coop, they raise the stakes so high that it becomes difficult to make a decision. This is common among men who are clueless about how to bring the spark back in the relationship. What they do is just buy off someone’s companionship with money and expensive gifts and make irresistible offers that force them to sell their freedom and choice. Even though it may seem like you are helping and providing well for your partner, you are actually pinning them down. And nothing fosters loathing than being forced to do what you don’t want.

3. Lying. Finally, there are some folks, mostly women, who make up stories or scenarios to keep their other halves from leaving them or take them back. Some present small fibs like changes in mannerisms or huge ones like pregnancy to keep their relationship intact. It doesn’t take a genius to know that these will eventually unravel and inflict dire consequences. And yet, some people do not hesitate to use them to get what they want.

Yes, these three approaches do produce results when it comes to being able to take an ex back. However, you can’t expect them to provide quality outcomes. So see to it you stay clear of them and patronize more honourable methods on making someone fall in love again.