Free Ways to Increase Website Visits

You don't need to pay to promote your products and services; it can be done for free online. You may have started out with a website and created some killer content. These are important aspects, but if you can't reach a targeted audience you won't be able to make any sales. If your budget is tight and you can't afford to purchase advertising then you must use free internet advertising. There are quite a few options that will provide traffic for your site.

The first method is article submission. This is probably the oldest form of free internet advertising. You write a short 300 to 500 word article about your product and submit it to article directories. One popular free article directory to post your articles to is Articlebooth. Depending on the directories that you choose, some will allow links within the text and others will require you to place a link at the end of the article. If you can write useful and compelling articles this is a very powerful means of free advertising.

The second method involves posting in forums. There are thousands and thousands of forums available on the internet. Do a search and find some that deal with your website topic. Start interacting in the forum community. Don't just spam your website links. Try and offer useful advice and people will trust your opinions. Place your website link in your signature link. If people like what you have to say they will click your link and visit your site.

The third method involved creating promotional videos. Video is huge on the web and there are a lot of sites clamoring for content. You can place links within your video and in your resource box which will be next to the video while it plays. You can use slide shows or clips or film yourself. Keep it on topic and people will follow your links to your site.

Online advertising can be very expensive. Don't get discouraged as these free methods work just as well as the paid ones. You will need to spend some time creating content specifically for marketing your site (in the form of articles, forum posts and videos), but it will help your site and your business grow.