Halloween is almost here again and soon you will start to plan your annual Halloween party. But how can you make it different this year? How about introducing some fun party games. There are literally hundreds of games to choose from but we have picked a few personal favorites that we think will make your party a fun and memorable event for everyone who attends.

Bobbing For Apples and Oranges
This classic Halloween game is one of the simplest and most fun that you can play. Just make sure that everyone knows you will be playing it beforehand because things can get a little wet. As the name suggests, 'Bobbing for Apples' involves a bucket or barrel that is filled with water and then a few apples are dropped in and 'bob' around on the surface. Now all you have to do is get them out of there. Easy, right? Wrong! The only thing you can use to pick up the apples is your teeth. It soundHappy Halloweens simple but trust me it isn't and can lead to some hilarious moments as your friends and family try to grab one of those elusively bobbing apples with their gnashers.

A variation of the game is to have each guest use a marker to decorate an orange to look like a carved pumpkin. When someone manages to capture an orange pumpkin, they have to identify the artist to get a treat or a ghostly hug.

Pumpkin Bowling
Does idea of dunking your head in a bucket of water in late October make you shiver? Well that's okay, how about some pumpkin bowling instead? Just grab yourself a pack of kiddies bowling pins (you can get them at Wal-Mart for a few dollars) and set them up in the traditional triangle formation. You will also need a supply of pumpkins, not the huge ones but the smaller sized pumpkins that you can use in place of a bowling ball. Tape off a line that's about twenty or so feet away from the pins and let the laughter and fun ensue.

Scary Story Competition
How about a scary-story competition? It is Halloween after all, so why not have all your guests sit in a circle, dim the lights and have each tell their own scary tale. The rest of the guests give marks out of ten for each story and whoever has the highest score at the end of the night wins. You might want to think about adding a spooky soundtrack to play in the background, just to add some extra effects to the story telling.

To make the competition even more fun divide the group into teams. While one member tells the story, the others act it out.

Super Halloween Prizes
Make sure that you have plenty of prizes on hand to award the winners. Visit a discount store before the party and pick up cheap masks, noise makers, trick or treat bags or buckets, and Halloween themed candy. Print a few award certificates for best witch, ghoul-in-chief, or candy corn monster.

This is just a selection of the many Halloween party games that are out there for you to play. We hope that you all have a fun and safe Halloween.