The Mazda MX5 or the Miata as it is known in the USA is one of the best selling two seater sports ever made. The reasons for this are very clear and simple to understand yet no other manufacturer seem to have jumped on the band wagon. The Mazda MX5 has earned its status in the car world by being modestly priced, offering excellent driving performance and being practical enough to be used as an everyday car. If this cars is so great then why would I need any accessories for it you may ask? Well it's simple, everything can be improved in some way and here are three simple accessories that you can buy for your Mazda MX5.

A Storage Net

Although the Mazda does have more cabin space than you think, you can never have enough internal storage, or at least a means of keeping thing organised inside the cabin. One of the best accessories that I have found to so this is a storage net, this net fits behind the driver and passenger seats on to the carpeted piece of 'wall' behind the chairs. The net is ideal for keeping maps and papers safe and to prevent them flying out when driving with the roof down.

A Wind Blocker

This is an accessory that is not fitted on standard on any of the MK1 or MK2 MX5's which is a shame as it offers perhaps one of the biggest improvements to your driving comfort with the roof down. The wind blocker fits behind the driver and passenger seats and prevents draughts getting by your neck when you are driving with the lid down. If you have ever driven a convertible over a long period of time you will know that this can actually become quite uncomfortable and lead to a stiff neck. The wind blocker blocks a lot of this wind and drastically improves your driving comfort with the roof down.

A Hard Top

The MX5 hardtop is a great accessory for winter driving. Although it is the most expensive it will certainly add significant value to your car should you ever (for some reason) decide that you want to sell it on. The hardtop roof increases the head height clearance in the cabin, reduces road noise and makes winter driving much warmer. The only disadvantage of it can be the storage space that it requires when it is not on the car.

If you are going to get just one accessory for your Mazda MX5 I would urge you to choose from one of these mentioned here.